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BareEASE + Shark Tank + Gloss48 = Match Made in Hairless Heaven

October 16, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Let me start off with a highly-relevant Glossy Gram. (Spoiler alert: this quote no longer has any truth to it, thanks to an amazing new invention!)

glossy grams13

Now, let’s rewind. We are kind-of obsessed with the Shark Tank here at Gloss48 (because, ahem, we have a passion for awesome start-ups like THIS ONE), so imagine our excitement when we found out that one of the brands we’ll be offering ON SALE at Gloss48 on Monday is also scheduled to appear on the show this week!

This genius brand is called BareEASE, and their goal is to make bikini waxes virtually ouchless. Um, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this day . . . well, ever since I started getting bikini waxes.

Think about it. We sweat, we squirm, we pant; sometimes we even scream. The experience is nothing less than hellish, but now we have BareEASE, a hairless angel sent from heaven. Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma has developed a safe, effective numbing cream and a handy latex panty to ensure that you absorb every drop without ruining your clothes.

Beauty is pain? No longer the case, my friends. It’s about time we put that dated phrase to rest!

bareease on sale promo

We’ll also be featuring Dr. Edna Ma’s Numb Nuts Cream, which is specially designed for men. Now, manscaping is a personal choice. We at Gloss48 are not judging. That said, if you are going to Manscape, you might as well do it pain-free, right? One of our founders, Laura, had a hilarious conversation with her husband about said Numb Nuts Cream, and decided to make it into a video. Watch and giggle.

gloss48 Numb Nuts from gloss48 on Vimeo.

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