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See It FIRST: Essie’s Winter/Hiver 2013 Collection

October 11, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

Gloss48 has the privilege of sharing an office space with Manicube, a start-up that sends manicurists to your office space so you can conveniently primp at your desk. Amazing, right? I personally have very little desire to frequent my local nail salons, which are often very cramped and pretty much always smell like feet. Not to mention the fact that it’s a total time saver! Never again will I attend a meeting with chipped polish. Phew!

Today I was wondering about Essie’s winter collection aloud, and the best thing happened. Boston’s Manicube manager, Annie Grayson Ode, popped her head up from behind her desk and said, “Oh, I have a closet full of nail polish, let me go and grab you Essie’s Winter 2013!” Um, okay!

Closets full of samples are the kind of thing I envisioned for myself when I first took this job, and immediately read Jean Godfrey June’s Free Gift With Purchase to prepare myself for the glamour to come. (Jean Godfrey June is the Beauty Director at Lucky, and an amazing writer! Her book was a very quick, hilarious read.) So far, we have a drawer full of samples, but every day we’re receiving more! My job is becoming more chic by the second, and I have to say I’m quite pleased.

And by the way, Essie’s very own website has not featured the Winter 2013 collection yet! So be impressed.

Alright, enough shameless bragging. Without further adieu, here it is . . .

essie winter 2013 nail polish collection

Left to right: Toggle to the Top, Shearling Darling, Mind Your Mittens, Sable Collar

And below, here is my attempt to show you what these colors look like when applied. Hopefully it gives you an idea!

essie winter collection3

What do we think, ladies? While I love all of these colors and would definitely rock them, I also feel like it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I’m still obsessing over Essie’s For the Twill of It and OPI’s Peace and Love–I love that they work as neutrals but are absolutely striking and a little bit bad@$$. Everyone has their own theory when it comes to nails, but that’s usually what I go for: striking and bad@$$. If a guy compliments me on the color and says it’s “cool,” I consider my mission accomplished. Plus, I think it is a good contrast to my personal style, which is uber fem, flowy, and boho. I need a little edge, but I’m not about to get a pixie cut and start wearing motorcycle boots, so I use my mani. Ya dig? Anyway, I’d love to get your thoughts! How would you describe your nail style? What do you think of these colors? Oh, and Happy Friday!

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