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Tutorial Time: Victoria Secret Hair in 28 Minutes

October 2, 2013

by Brittany Fischer

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” -Damian, on Gretchen Weiners (Mean Girls–duh)

My hair is superfine, superlong, and stick-straight. If I can get mine to look big and fluffy, anyone can. And I mean AN-Y-ONE. Allow me to walk you through my foolproof process, which looks a little something like this:


1. Wash your hair. Some people don’t like to wash their hair on days that they are curling it, because they say dirty hair holds a curl better. I am not one of these people. I like my hair to be spick-and-span on special occasions, and if I’m styling my hair, you better believe it’s a special occasion. However, I do use one trick: condition hair before you shampoo it. My theory? The less product weighing my hair down, the bigger it will be.

~Apply a Root Lifting Spray: spritz roots 5-10 times and then comb through. Try Blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate, which uses a mixture of rice, sweet almond, and milk to invigorate your mane and take your hair to brand new heights.

~Apply Living Proof Prime Style Extender, which primes and protects your hair. This product will change your life, and there isn’t really anything else like it on the market…yet. Living Proof was created by a team of MIT professors who wanted to create a brand that could keep hydrogen bonds in place, but we won’t get into the scientific mumbo jumbo.  What I will say is this: it’s as if you have an incredibly thin shield around each strand. Nothing can penetrate it–not even even oil from your scalp or the worst dirt and smog, so you can wait longer between shampoos and touch up less frequently. The claim is that your hairstyle will last twice as long; I’d say it’s more like 1.5 X as long, but that’s still pretty amazeballs. Plus, I’ve noticed it seems to speed up my blow-drying time, which is always great.

2. Dry your hair. Everyone’s got their own technique here, and I personally have yet to conquer the round brush. 😦 It’s a sore subject. I just can’t. My hair seems to hate it! (Ahem, I’d love some advice in this department!) So, all I do is flip my head upside down (which is great for volume!) and I stay upside down until my hair is fully dry. Then, I flip back up and brush through any tangles.

3. Curl hair. I’m still using Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron Rod, even though I’m head over heels in love with the Babyliss Miracurl Nano Titanium, which I reviewed here. I just can’t justify having two curling irons that each cost almost $200, but maybe someday. That’s how I’ll know I’ve made it. Anyway, pick your poison–if you’re a total novice and have no clue how to curl your hair, the Miracurl requires no skill whatsoever and is an absolute cinch. The Sultra is a little more complex, but still totally manageable.

4. Flip head upside down and change your part a little bit. I have a name for this–the Flip and Re-part. Then, apply a Volumizing Cream of some sort. I’m in love with Amp² Instant Texture Volumizer. Instructions say to rub a “dime size” amount evenly between hands, and use fingertips to work it into your hair from the roots to the mid-shaft in an upward motion. However, I use a quarter size. Dime size is for beginners. Now just run your fingertips through your curls and mess them up a bit so you don’t look like a weirdo! The point is to look like you rolled out bed with naturally huge, sexy, gorgeous curls, even though it actually takes exactly 28 minutes to achieve (I timed myself today).

5. Leap for joy! You have big hair.

What do you think? Anyone out there know how to use a round brush and care to explain? I’d love to hear your thoughts on big hair and how to achieve it.

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