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From the Inside Out: Beauty Foods

August 21, 2013

Eriko Kay is a Gloss48 summer intern, Harvard student, card carrying beauty junkie, and closet health nut. Her beauty routine begins with a super healthy breakfast.

Beauty products are fun – there’s no denying it. From skincare to make up to nail art, there is always something new to try and promising to make you look like Jennifer Aniston. But today’s focus won’t be on any products – instead, I want to share what I think is the single most important beauty lesson my mom has passed down to me. Ever since I was little, she has always stressed the fact that physical beauty is just as impacted by what you eat and put into your body as what you put on it. Japanese women seem to be hyper aware of these things in general. You can’t watch a cooking show without hearing about the benefits of chicken stock full of collagen or the hair miracles seaweed can create.

Chia Seed, Fresh Blueberries + Honey

Chia Seed, Fresh Blueberries + Honey

My “beauty habit” to share today is actually my morning oatmeal…! Not the most exciting? Think again. You probably already know the health benefits of oatmeal – heart healthy, high fiber, filling etc. The things I add to my oatmeal are what makes this a truly beautiful meal.

My Beautiful Oatmeal

My Beautiful Oatmeal

My two mainstays are chia seeds and wild honey. Chia seeds are becoming increasingly popular in beauty products, with chia oil promising hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Wild honey is also an ancient skincare product, with antiseptic properties and it’s ability to soothe irritated skin. In addition to chia seeds and honey, I always add some sort of fruit and nut/nut butter. Blueberries and almonds are a great combination, taste-wise and for your skin. I also love apples, peanut butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

This morning meal always keeps me full until the next chance I have to eat – which, being a college student, can be a long time! And it makes me smile. Isn’t a good smile the best beauty trick of them all?

Do you have any recipes/ingredients you incorporate into your diet for your skin health? Let us know!

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