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Smartypants Skincare | The BEST Beauty Ingredients

August 19, 2013

Karina Rodriguez Paez is a Gloss48 summer intern, Babson MBA student, and soon-to-be famous beauty blogger en español.  She is also a beauty junkie with a background in chemical engineering (yeah – she’s wicked smaht).  We have been begging her to share her favorite beauty ingredients with us!

Source: Realize Beauty

Source: Realize Beauty

I’m really excited to be writing this post and to hopefully help you out when you’re shopping for beauty products. These are some of my favorite ingredients for moisturizing, anti-aging, acne and exfoliating.  Make sure to look for them the next time you’re shopping for your beauty products!

Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing)– My miracle moisturizer! It’s basically works like a sponge that attracts and retains water on your skin, so your skin gets hydrated without a doubt. Hyaluronic acid is also a great ingredient to look for when buying products against wrinkles and fine lines, since it also has a great effect in improving the skin’s appearance.  It’s great even for oily skin (which is a plus for people like me)!

Retinol (ant-aging)- Another great cosmetic ingredient is retinol, which can be used to avoid signs of aging, as well as to reduce de appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. But not only this, retinol is also great for improving skin tone. Just remember, that when buying a product that contains retinol, it’s important to make sure that it comes in a container that is opaque and airtight, to prevent oxygen and UV light from degrading its properties. And if you will be using it during the day, make sure to put on sunscreen after you use the product to avoid irritation on your skin.

L-ascorbic acid (anti-aging)- A.K.A. Vitamin C for your skin. It helps in the synthesis of collagen, which means that it helps both to prevent and to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. And as well as retinol, it’s important to make sure that its package is opaque and airtight for it to conserve its properties.

Tea tree oil (acne)- I absolutely love this! It’s an essential oil, so it’s 100% natural and it’s perfect to use on any kind of skin. Being a natural antiseptic, it’s great for killing bacteria that could lead to blackheads and acne. Besides, it’s a less expensive option than many other beauty products, which is ALWAYS a plus!

Glycolic acid (exfoliant)- If you’ve heard about the popular AHAs, then you probably know that glycolic acid is one of them. This ingredient can either hydrate your skin or exfoliate it, but most of the times it’s used as an exfoliant. It also improves the skin’s texture and appearance. It is mostly recommended for people with dry skin and it’s also important to use sunscreen after using it to avoid irritation.

These are GREAT options to look for in your cosmetic products.  Keep them in mind!

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