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Blurred Lines: Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

August 14, 2013

Blurred liiiiines!  Hey, hey, hey! (Yes, I’ve been dying to use this post title.)

I have struggled with my relationship with eyeliner over the years. My first makeup experience, at age 13, was with blue eyeliner and Silver City Pink lipstick.  I’m not proud.  It doesn’t help that the beauty police reverse their eyeliner opinions every season.  It is understandable if you have eyeliner anxiety!

Here are some tips/tricks to get you back in line:

  1. Choosing the Right Liner: I prefer a cross between a pencil (sharp, exact) and a crayon (soft, heavy).  I have never mastered liquid eyeliner so I just steer clear of it.  I am currently using Sumita’s Mansha Contrast Eye Pencil in Plum.  I find that it is easy to apply.  I get a smooth and even line, but it’s not too heavy.

    Sumita Mansha Contrast Eye Pencil in Plum

    Sumita Mansha Contrast Eye Pencil in Plum

  2. Choosing the Right Color: As a general rule, you should avoid using eyeliner that is the same color as your eyes.  I found this handy dandy chart from Beautyholic Beauty Blogger Audrey Dao:

    Choosing the Right Eyeliner Color Source:

    Choosing the Right Eyeliner Color

  3. Application: I prefer French lining (veeery sopheeesticated).  It sounds a whole lot fancier than it really is.  This technique creates a lighter, more subtle look by applying liner between the lashes.  Check out our quick, eye makeup how-to with professional makeup artist Jessica Berndt and lifestyle blogger Noelani Zervas.
  4. White Eyeliner: this is my super, top secret tip for fighting fatigue – or at least appearing to fight fatigue.  Apply white eyeliner to the waterline to brighten and open your eyes.  I like the Dr Hauschka Eyeliner Duo because, if I’m going to put a product that close to my eyes, I prefer a natural one.

What rhymes with “hug me”?

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