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Overheard at Sephora: “But I like everything here!”

August 7, 2013

Hope you’re all having a FABULOUS week!  It’s beautiful and sunny and not face meltingly hot here in Boston and we are heading to the Justin Timberlake / Jay Z concert this weekend at Fenway.  Life is pretty darn awesome.

Mani Bar in Sephora

Mani Bar in Sephora

I thought I would share this convo that our summer intern, Karina, overheard (spied) at Sephora between a mother and her six-year-old daughter:

Daughter: Mommy, why can’t I buy any makeup?

Mom: Because you’re too young honey.

Beauty-Junkie-in-Training: I know, but I like everything here!

Mom: I know, you’ll get to buy it soon. Don’t worry.

Pretty sure I was sporting tan cords, a fall-toned velour shirt, and a bowl haircut when I was her age.  I like her style!

Totes Adorbs!  Happy Wednesday!

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