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Eye candy! Get Repechage, Part 2.

August 2, 2013

OK so I’m on a bit of a Repechage kick lately. I SWEAR I’m not getting paid to talk about this brand. In my last post a week ago, I extolled the virtues of the seaweed salad in a facial cleanser tube, regaling you with my story of washing my face 5 times a day. I know, I know – I had such a profound impact on you that you can’t stop thinking about Lydia Sarfati’s amazing story.

So I’m making my way through the Repechage line item by item (not really that slowly).  This week, I set my sights (get it?) on their Eye Rescue Pads with Seaweed and Natural Tea Extracts. 

Repechage Eye Rescue Pads – Image from Repechage

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been under an inordinate amount of stress lately. I’m also not the kind of person who can lie calmly for 10 minutes with my eyes closed and just clear my mind. But I decided that I should try really hard to destress, armed with these little rescue pads. Each pad is like a cucumber-, aloe-, algae- and seaweed-infused Boston Tea Party for your eyes. You can actually SEE the tea extracts in the pads (they are a light brown color – NOT that I was looking cuz i was lying quietly with my eyes closed thinking good thoughts or clearing my mind and whatnot). The combo of Rooibos, Roman Chamomile, Green, and Yerba Mate delivers a powerful anti-oxidant punch (in the eye).

The value is actually amazing for these little suckers. For $38 you get 60 pads, or 30 treatments, so about $1.26 per cooling, calming, depuffing, rejuvenating session.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask my 7 year old, who we like to call Eva the Diva. Last weekend, in an effort to make “quiet time” super fun, I imposed the “must wear special eye pads” rule. You’re probably thinking what a WASTE of such a prestige skincare product on a 7 year old. NOT SO FAST! For $1.26, I got 2 hours of peace and quiet. A rarity with Eva the Diva.


Eva the Diva enjoying “quiet time” with Repechage Eye Rescue Pads

Are you a “close my eyes and clear my mind” kinda person? Share your secrets!

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