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Don’t be so sensitive! Get Repechage, Part 1.

July 26, 2013

I am definitely one of those people who develops sizable obsessions with beauty products. My obsessions typically fall into the lip or hair category. I rarely develop skincare obsessions. I have my tried and true routine and I kind of stick to it.

Then along came Repechage, this very unique seaweed-based line of skincare, body care, mineral makeup and hair care. A professional line that is sold in spas and salons around the world, Repechage was founded by esthetics industry veteran Lydia Sarfati, who pioneered seaweed-based products and treatments in the US.

I had seen and heard of Repechage a few times over the past several years. But it was really Heather, our trusty attorney and fellow beauty junkie, who encouraged us to take a close look at the brand after experiencing amazing results with it. After meeting Shiri Sarfati (Lydia’s daughter and company’s Vice President), and trying the products, I have officially developed a skincare obsession.

Repechage is an extensive line and there is no way I could cover it all in one blog post. So, I’m going to spoon feed my absolute faves to you in parts. Today’s obsession is centered on their Hydra 4 Cleanser. When I tell you I washed my face 5 times yesterday just so I could use more of it, I’m not kidding. Made for sensitive skin (that would be me), the cleanser is smooth and velvety but does not leave that slimy residue you sometimes get with sensitive skin cleansers. My skin feels CLEAN after using it – imagine that. And, it smells like you’re in a spa (light, fresh, calming).

Repechage Hydra 4 Cleanser

But that’s all just superficial stuff. The real benefits come from the virtual seaweed salad that you are massaging into your face. The cleanser delivers hydration, protection, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and moisture retention through 2 different types of seaweed, olive oil and olive leaf extracts, quinoa oil and 2 different types of algae.

I’ve been using (abusing) the cleanser for a few days now. And I could swear I heard someone call out to Jennifer Aniston when I crossed the street yesterday. OK not really. But my skin is noticeably clearer and much less dry.

Lydia’s pursuit of this transformational ingredient started on a family trip to Israel almost 30 years ago, where she was struck by how luscious fruits and vegetables were able to grow in the middle of the desert. She discovered that farmers were using a seaweed-based fertilizer. As an esthetician, Lydia quickly realized the impact that such an ingredient could have in her field, and she set about tracking down the source of this seaweed (Coast of Brittany, France) and commercializing it for use in skincare products and treatments.

The Sarfati Family

Have I convinced you to put seaweed on your face yet?

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