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Piece of Cake: Easy Summer Wedding Makeup

July 19, 2013

Wedding season is in full force!  Everyone’s eyes will be on the bride – except for your ex boyfriend, whose eyes will be on you.

Easy Summer Wedding Makeup How To

Photo: Angie Silvy Photography (

Our pal and makeup guru Candace Evans created the perfect summer wedding makeup look using Girlactik makeup – known for their sophisticated shimmer.  In other words, you can dabble in bit of sparkle without looking like you should be shopping at Claire’s Boutique.

Candace started by creating a beachy, summer glow with Girlactik Skin Glow.  I personally use this product in the summertime with tinted moisturizer and a little blush.  It gives a nice, subtle healthy glow.

Watch Candace’s Summer Wedding Makeup Tutorial to complete the look:

Of course, we recommend waterproof makeup in case things get a little emotional during the ceremony.

We can’t stop you from singing with the wedding band, but at least you will look fabulous when you rock the mic!

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