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She’s Crafty: DIY magnetic makeup board

June 26, 2013

Tina Liu is one of our fabulous gloss48 interns.  She is a beauty junkie, student at Babson, and master DIYer.  When she told us about her weekend project, we knew she had to share!

How many trays, cups, drawers, dividers, and bins does it take to store YOUR makeup? After shuffling through what seemed like my entire room, I decided I was done with it. I needed to have my makeup visible, easy to reach, and still organized. The problem is, like most normal people, I don’t have a lot of surface space. Drawer systems weren’t cutting it. Ever try to look for something and it looks like this?

Messy Bathroom Drawers

Yes, ugly my drawer is actually tipping over.

Instead of struggling with that every day, I decided to make this:Magnetic Beauty Board

A magnetic makeup board! It’s way more expressive than any painting (you made this yourself!), AND it forces you to weed out old stuff like that mascara you were only supposed to keep for a few months (oops!) but kept for a few years instead.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one of these awesome things:

  1. A frame of whatever size you like (Keep in mind you’ll want one with a hook to hang it from your wall).  I got mine for really cheap from a flea market. Vintage chic!
  2. A sheet of metal (make sure a magnet will stick to it!) to fit in the frame.  You can buy this from Home Depot or other similar stores. There are also some sites online where you can buy a custom size steel sheet (which will be more expensive) but saves you the impending bloody mess of cutting it yourself.
  3. Something to cover the metal (fabric/contact paper/decoupage).  Old curtains, wrapping paper, and sheets are good ideas. Keep in mind you’ll be staring at this for a long time so you want to at least be able to keep your dinner down while looking at it!
  4. Adhesive magnets.  Carried at any arts and crafts store (Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric, and AC Moore to name a few).
  5. Hot glue gun/Fabric Glue.  Also purchasable at any arts and crafts store.

Optional: 4 really short screws  (1/2 inch) and a power drill

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove any glass/backing from your frame. This part filled me with glee! I love tearing things.

The most important thing that will determine how easy (or difficult) this project will be is the fit of your metal sheet to your frame. Mine didn’t, and I am NOT endowed with crafty hands. Long story short, I almost lost a few fingers cutting the steel  with rusty shears until silly old me figured out that I could use a winter glove as protection.

Once the frame and your metal sheet fit, what you’ll want to do next to spruce up the sheet with whatever you like. I had black fabric lying around, so I stretched it over the metal and used a hot glue gun to glue (you can use fabric glue too) the fabric to the back. Make sure it’s nice and tight!

Always taking the lazy person’s way out, I didn’t bother to trim my fabric.Back of Frame

Your metal sheet is now ready to be put into the frame. To make it stay, you can hot glue gun the edges and place it in your frame, but because I hate working with hot glue, I chose to put a screw on each side (top, bottom, left, right) where the metal sheet rests on the frame. The second option takes some strength and equipment but is not necessary if you are gifted at arts and crafts. I just happen to be that one oddity of a girl that is better with a power drill than a hot glue gun.

Once you finish this step, you can add your own special touches. For my brushes, I bought one of those boxes from the 1$ Target section and cut it in half.

Now, the only thing left to do is peel-n-stick the magnets to your makeup and arrange in whatever way your heart desires!

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