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Somme Institute Review | High Tech Skincare

June 21, 2013

You may recall that, a few weeks ago, our beauty discover destination gloss48 featured a Somme Institute Skincare event hosted by our GLOSS BOSS Lauren.  Somme was kind enough to send me their 5-step regiment to take for a test drive.  The product was complimentary, but this review is all my own!

Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen

Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen

I have to admit, I was thoroughly intrigued by the Somme story.  It goes a little something like this: a group of scientists got together in the mid-90’s to create a skincare line that actually delivered on its promises.  After ten years and thousands of trials, they developed Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5).  MDT5 encapsulates skin-nourishing vitamins – A, B3, B5, C, and E – in a protein that is easily absorbed into the skin.  Somme products address a number of issues – from acne to aging – because they’re delivering much-needed vitamins to boost your skin health rather than battling specific issues with harsh chemicals.  Sounds cool, right?!  I know!

I will admit, when I first unpacked the product, I thought “Ugh.  Do I really need to add five more products to my bathroom shelf?!”  Upon further inspection, I found that I use WAY more than 5 skincare products daily – cleanser, toner, scrub, daytime moisturizer/SPF, daytime eye serum, nighttime eye cream, and sometimes multiples of these (#BeautyJunkie #HighClassHorder?).  Clearing off that shelf and replacing all of my ragtag products with the clean, minimalist Somme products was actually sort of cathartic!

All of the Somme products are lightweight and unscented.  I never feel like I have a lot of schmutz on my face.  Somme recommends using the first four products, day and night, in this order, plus SPF during the day:

  1. Cleanser: a very gentle, vitamin-packed, unscented, light cleanser – somewhat reminiscent of Cetaphil because it is non-foaming.
  2. Transport: pre-loaded pads with MDT5 technology and AHA to exfoliate and nourish skin.
  3. Serum: a light, unscented serum with Vitamin C along with a high concentration of MDT5.  This is where the magic really happens!
  4. A Bomb: a lightweight cream with MDT5 technology designed to calm and firm skin.
  5. Double Defense: SPF 30+ moisturizer.

If you are intimidated by the price tag on the 5-step regimen (just shy of $300), I highly recommend starting with the 3-step regimen: Transport, Serum, and A Bomb ($210).  You can use your own gentle cleanser and lightweight SPF.  The products last a while!  I am due for a new jar of Transport pads, but I have barely made a dent in my Serum and A Bomb.

Somme Institute A Bomb

Somme Institute A Bomb
I have been using it for a month and I have barely made a dent!

Long story short, I LOVE the Somme regimen!  I have been using it for a month and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin.  It took care of most of my acne – except for some stubborn whiteheads (I’m open to suggestions!).  It has also helped to even out my skin tone.  Has it magically erased all of my wrinkles and bought me a pony?  No.  But time will tell.

What are your favorite skincare products?  What should I do about my whiteheads?

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  1. June 21, 2013 3:18 pm

    I’ve been using Somme for years and I don’t think I will ever switch to anything else! I loved your review!! I’m still so proud to have been the first Gloss Boss!!

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