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LVX Haute Lacquer Sale | Hosted by GLOSS BOSS Krystal

June 12, 2013
Krystal Polish-aholic + Blogger at Polish Galore

Polish Guru at PolishGalore

Over the past year, Krystal has become our gloss48 polish guru.  She is our go-to for the hottest new and cult nail polish lines!  Her blog, Polish Galore, is a playground for polish lovers – chock full of color swatches. She was actually third person within the span of a week to rave to me about vegan, 5-free, long-lasting, haute lacquer line LVX!

Meet Krystal and shop the 2013 Summer Collection from LVX through Monday, June 17th on gloss48!  LVX lacquers usually retail for $16 each , but you can snap up duos from the current collection for 30% off at gloss48!

LVX uses runway and high fashion trends to color each seasonal collection.

Haute Lacquer: LVX colors straight from the runway

Q.  What is your favorite color from the Summer 2013 LVX collection?

A.  The PolishGalore pick from the Summer 2013 LVX collection is Celeste. A beautiful powder blue crème that has white undertones gives you the crisp feeling of a fresh color without the starkness of a pure white.

LVX Celeste Source: PolishGalore

LVX Celeste
Source: PolishGalore

Q.  What is the one nail trend you will never follow?

A.  One nail trend I will never follow is the flared out “duck tailed” sculpted nail shape. It’s not functional and does not look visually appealing on my hands.

Q.  Any advice for those of us who are DIY/home manicure challenged?

A.  My advice for the “home manicured challenged” is

  1. Always protect your nails by wearing a base coat. Even if you don’t add color, a base coat will give your nails shine while protecting them from breaks, bumps and scratches.
  2. Go slow! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and have messy fingers. Take your time and clean up using a small brush (like the e.l.f. concealer brush for only $1!) dipped in nail polish remover to get the excess polish from your cuticles. Always apply thin coats of polish so they will dry faster and fully.
  3. Find a top coat that works for you and wrap your tips. While holding your brush vertically next to the free edge of your nail, coat the tip to “wrap” the polish over the top and down the inside of your nail. This helps keep your polish from tip wear and chipping at the edge.

Check out the rest of Krystal’s LVX swatches and then shop the Summer Collection 2013 on

LVX Modena Source: PolishGalore

LVX Modena
Source: PolishGalore

LVX Rive Source: PolishGalore

LVX Rive
Source: PolishGalore

LVX Deco Source: PolishGalore

LVX Deco
Source: PolishGalore

LVX Mynt Source: PolishGalore

LVX Mynt
Source: PolishGalore

LVX Chambord

LVX Chambord
Source: PolishGalore

As a GLOSS BOSS winner, Krystal was offered complimentary product from LVX.  Too bad she already owns the ENTIRE COLLECTION (I kid you not).  She was also granted early access to the gloss48 LVX sale for her and her friends, and, of course, endless fame! Click here to apply to be our next GLOSS BOSS!

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