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Bésame Gatsby Glam Red Lipstick Sale | hosted by GLOSS BOSS Michelle R.

June 5, 2013
gloss48 GLOSS BOSS Michelle R. hosts Bésame Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Michelle R.

Team gloss48 is excited to announce our next GLOSS BOSS, Michelle R.!  Michelle is a lover of all things beauty, particularly her dramatic, yet reliable red lipstick from Bésame.  As you know, we are also big fans of this vintage-inspired cosmetics line!  Meet Michelle and shop her GLOSS BOSS sale featuring Bésame lipsticks from now through Wednesday, June 12th on gloss48!

Q: Including everything in your bathroom from toothpaste to hair dryer, how many beauty products and tools do you use before you leave the house in the morning?

A: I’m a stay-at-home mom so my usual makeup routine is really simple: Skin79 BB cream because it has a good sunblock, my beloved sormeh eyeliner, a little blush, mascara and e.l.f.’s eyelash curler, and my Bésame Red lipstick. That’s right; I rock the red lipstick when I’ve got nothing more to do than pick up my kids at school. If I’ve got a special night planned, I’ll add eyeshadow to the mix but my hot weather look usually goes without it.

Q: We know you love Bésame lipstick, what is your favorite color?

A: Bésame Red is it for me. I get compliments on it every single time I wear it! I’ve had women pull out a piece of paper and jot down the name of the company so they can go find it for themselves.

gloss48 Bésame Red Lipstick

Bésame Red Lipstick

Q: Some women find red lips intimidating. Do you have any advice for the ladies who are dying to try it?

A: A lot of women feel red lips are too bold or that they can’t find the right shade or it feathers so badly, they don’t want to bother with having to check their lipstick all day. No one has time for that. That’s where Bésame can help. Their website shows their various lipstick colors on different skin tones so you’re able to see what the shade will look like with your coloring. It doesn’t feather the way so many other lipsticks do and you won’t have to keep applying it ten times a day because Bésame’s lipsticks are really long-lasting. If you can nail the color and feel confident that your lipstick is on your lips, where it should be, you can wear it confidently. And if you’re still not sure red is for you, keep wearing it. Give it time! Sometimes, you need to get used to seeing yourself with a new look. After a few days, you won’t recognize yourself without your new signature color. And if you decide pink is really your signature color instead of red, Bésame has some really lovely, vintage shades to try!

Bésame Red Lipstick Swatches

Bésame Red Lipstick Swatches
Source: Bé

As a GLOSS BOSS winner, Michelle received complimentary product from Bésame, early access to the gloss48 Bésame sale for her and her friends, and endless fame! Click here to apply to be our next GLOSS BOSS!

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