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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

May 29, 2013


We have all been there.  In a caffeine-inspired streak of daring-do, we told our stylist to “chop it off.”  It seemed like and excellent idea at the time.  I mean, [insert celeb name here] did it and she looked adorbs…

I scoured the interwebs for some plausible solutions to your missing mane.  Read on for some schemes and suggestions to make your hair grow faster – from the fairly extreme to the easy peasy.

Note: hair extensions are NOT a plausible solution for me.  Artificial things glued to my body – nails, eyelashes, hair – drive me batty.

  • Leah at Code Red Hat forgoes shampoo and conditioner for baking soda and vinegar, AKA the The No Poo Method.  The upside: you only have to “wash” every 4 days and it’s super economical.  The downside: it takes some getting used to for your hair, your psyche, and your schnoz (thanks to the vinegar).  Logically, it makes sense.  Shampoo strips the scalp and hair of oil, which makes it weaker and more susceptible to breakage.  The “No Poo Method” theoretically allows the scalp to self-regulate and leaves the hair with enough natural oils to grow stronger and may therefore appear to grow faster or at least fall out slower.
  •  According to the beauty experts at Marie Claire, there is no magic solution to hair growth.  They recommend regular scalp massages, which increase blood flow to the scalp and help nutrients get to the hair follicles.  Now THAT is a tip that works for me!  I always love it when the experts recommend more massages.
  • Vitamins!  I can tell you firsthand that my hair has never been thicker than when I was preggers.  I’m not sure if it was my supersized hormone levels or the horsepill vitamins I popped on the regular, but someone has got to get to the bottom of the pregnancy hair phenomenon!  Check our Beauty Reform’s post on Vitamins for Health Hair for specific vitamins that are thought to boost hair health.  Hint: the most effective way to absorb vitamins is through a healthy, smoke-free, booze-free diet.  Sorry.

So hair’s the story – is seems there is no quick fix for longer, stronger hair.  Please, please prove me wrong! Let me know if you have discovered the holy hair grail!

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