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I Squint, Therefore I Wrinkle

May 6, 2013

I am sorely in need of a new pair of glasses.  I tried the whole contact lens thing and it just doesn’t work.  I want to rip them out of my eyes after a few hours.

I have recently caught myself, hunched over and squinting at my computer screen.  I noticed that, when I squint, I am reinforcing the worst of my wrinkles – crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles, and that lovely crease between my brows.

Rivet & Sway Punchline Neopolitan

Rivet & Sway Punchline Neopolitan

Clearly, it’s time to shop for some new glasses!  With all of the new eyewear websites, I have lots of options – Warby Parker, Rivet and Sway, and even  All of these websites cut out the middleman so, unlike LensCrafters and Pearl Vision, they can offer eyewear at significantly lower prices.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Warby Parker: glasses with prescription lenses start as low as $95.  Warby Parker will send you 5 sets of frames to try at home.  You just need to return them within 5 days of receipt.  Much like Tom’s shoes, for every pair of glasses they sell, WP sends a pair of glasses to someone in need.  I have also heard rumors that, if you ask the WP staff if certain frames will look good on a certain shape of face, they will film a quick video of a staff member trying on glasses and tweet it back to you.
  • Rivet & Sway: all glasses with prescription lenses are $199.  Rivet & Sway will send you three sets of frames to try on at home.  Plus, they offer an online stylist to help you make your decision!
  • this one is fairly self explanatory.  It is the best deal of the eyeglass sites and has a great selection.  39DollarGlasses does not allow you to try on frames in advance, but they do offer free returns.

Have you ordered glasses online?  Any advice for me?

See you later!

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