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We Heart Boston

April 17, 2013

On Monday, I posted about the magic of the Boston Marathon.  I talked about how it is one of my favorite days in Boston – because the runners are achieving something truly remarkable and because the city comes together in a swell of support to cheer them on.  I had no idea that the day would end in such tragedy.

I am so sad.  My heart aches for the friends and families of the victims of the explosions.

I am also devastated that the Boston Marathon will now be associated with fear and loss for many.

The view from my running path.
Source: SunnyClicks

I’m not giving up on you, Boston!  I wasn’t born and raised here so I don’t have the charming accent, the die hard devotion to the Red Sox, or the innate understanding of wacky winter parking “rules”, but I do have a special place in my heart for Boston.

Boston is where I met and fell in love with my husband.  It is where I fell even more in love with my son, Owen.  It is also where I found my fabulous business partners, Jill and Jodi, and gloss48 was born (perhaps gloss will have an accent).

I refuse to let this act of terrorism darken my feelings about Boston or Marathon Monday.  The Boston Marathon will continue to be a magical event for me!

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