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Beauty + Science: Ultrasound Solution to Wrinkles

March 11, 2013

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, University of Washington researchers have been studying ultrasound technology that will “drive topical medication below the skin’s surface to treat tumors” (Ultrasound device linked to UW research targets beauty market).  Thankfully, someone had the bright idea that the technology could also be used to make skincare products more effective.  This endeavor is not quite as noble as curing cancer, but it sure is an exciting development in the beauty world!

JeNu Biosciences Ultrasound Wand

JeNu Biosciences Ultrasound Wand

JeNu Biosciences is launching an ultrasound wand that, when used in conjunction with anti-aging skincare, promises to temporarily reduce wrinkles and plump lips.  Here’s the science behind it:

“The JeNu wand generates oscillating ultrasound waves that agitate microspheres in the creams and serums. The microspheres create microscopic bubbles that bump into the cells of the strata corneum, creating tiny temporary pathways that allow the treatments to pass through a normally impenetrable layer of the skin.”

It sounds plausible, but I’m reserving excitement until I actually try it.  This could be my new favorite beauty tool!

What do you think?!  Too good to be true?!

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  1. March 11, 2013 11:14 am

    Hi I actually provide ultrasonic facials on a professional level. I have seen wonderful results on my clients. What is great is that all skin types can benefit-even sensitive/rosacea. If anyone is in Virginia I’d love to give you a pro treatment!

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