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Three hot tips to look phenomenal (and know it)

February 20, 2013

Rachel Schipper Byline

You can find the best make up for your beautiful face, and as a woman who appreciates the art of adornment and likes looking fantastic, you should.  The right blush goes a remarkably long way towards a healthy glow, and under-eye concealer that moisturizes, doesn’t give you raccoon eyes, and doesn’t accentuate wrinkles is a miraculous complement to a good night’s sleep.  Looking amazing and knowing it is one hell of a great feeling.

That is why I am so honored to be contributing to the Glossy Pages.  Make-up or no make-up, many women do not realize their true beauty.  The right products can go a long way, but the feeling that comes with thinking that you are beautiful, or the sensation of enjoying your body that leads to the glow or radiance we try to paint on – those are inside jobs.  Pardon the cliché.

I know, I know – this business of being a woman can be so…labor intensive.  Balance hormones, manage weight, eat this but not that.  The amount spent on hair removal alone would shock any man!  Like anything else, inner radiance is yours one step at a time.  Here are three steps to get you going, hot stuff.

Be your own secret admirer.

This one has two parts.  I’m starting with the most difficult, just to get it over with.  C’mon ladies, we have done more difficult things than this!  Light a candle in your bathroom so there is soft romantic lighting, and look at yourself in the mirror.  Notice things that you like – the curve of your cheek, the outline of your lips…whatever you’ve got.  This is not time for plucking or sucking in or criticism.  Little Ms. Criticism can come back later – maybe.  Part two of being your own secret admirer is easier, and really fun.  Leave yourself post-it style love notes – on the mirror, on your steering wheel, by your bed, or on your computer screen.  Try something like “You are a sexy fox” or “You are beautiful”.  Yup – catcall yourself.  If you are rolling your eyes now, that’s a sure sign that you need to do this.  Today.

Valentine Affirmation

Shake that…!

There is nothing like enjoying the sensation of being in your body to make you look and feel beautiful.  Pick a movement that you enjoy – not one that you feel obligated to do.  My favorite is to put on a piece of music I like and give my mind a rest while my body moves.  Your body knows exactly what to do.  Let it.  The endorphins from “exercise” and your increased heart rate will give you a rosy glow, and the simple yet profound act of enjoying your body will make you look sexier and more confident than you can imagine. Need a little inspiration?  Check out or enjoy this favorite track.

Drink Green Juice Daily.

You may have realized by now that kale is crack for women.  If not, what have you been eating?  Dark leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll, folate, calcium, magnesium, and iron, to name a few.  They also help to neutralize acidic conditions in your body from environmental pollutants or poor diet.  Read: dull complexion and breakouts.  If you don’t have a juicer, try a store-bought fresh green juice, like the one from BluePrintCleanse.  The bio-availability of nutrients in this liquid gold is as close to a Meyer’s cocktail as you can get without an IV, and beats chewing the six pounds of leafy greens that go into a single serving.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. lauriedancer permalink
    February 22, 2013 11:21 pm

    And to think…I actually did both a green drink AND a Meyer’s cocktail today! Yay for me 😉

  2. lauriedancer permalink
    February 22, 2013 11:23 pm

    And to think…I actually had both a green juice AND a Meyers cocktail today…yay for me 😉

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