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Superdry Does Beauty

February 18, 2013

Japanese clothing company Superdry just launched a beauty line.  I am having a hard time describing their clothing line so, in their words, “Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.”

Superdry Makeup Line

Superdry Makeup Line

Superdry isn’t the immediate choice for apparel companies dabbling in beauty, but it kind of works.  The line includes everything from nail buffers to eye shadow.  The packaging is a bit frenetic, combining kraft paper finishes with bright colors.  The nail polish collection has a 1950’s theme with names like Hot Rod and Capital Radio.

Superdry Lip Paint

Superdry Lip Paint

Superdry Nail Paint

Superdry Nail Paint

I sampled the Peppermint Lip Fix.  It is not sticky – which is my first requirement for lip products.  It also lives up to its promise of being non-greasy.  I don’t love the silver tube format, but otherwise, it’s a great product.

Superdry Peppermint Lip Fix

Superdry Peppermint Lip Fix

Which apparel companies should be next to launch beauty lines?  Tory Burch would make a lovely lipstick tube…

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