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Downton Abbey: Minimalist Makeup Woes

February 15, 2013

I love Downton Abbey.  I’m not sure if it’s the superior acting, compelling characters, intricate storyline, or  the Dowager’s constant stream of snarky quips, but there is something crack-level addictive about the show.

As a beauty junkie, I don’t love the era-appropriate makeup in Downton.  While the purposefully minimalist makeup is spot on for the show, it leaves a little to be desired on the Fashion Week Runways.

Downton style was all over Fashion Week in London, New York, and Paris.  Ralph Lauren directly partnered with the show while other collections, like Valentino, were merely a nod to the period’s glamor.

Ralph Lauren's Downton Abbey Collection, Fashion Week NY 2013Source: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Ralph Lauren’s Downton Abbey Collection
Fashion Week NY 2013
Source: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Valentino, Paris Fashion Week 2013

Valentino, Paris Fashion Week 2013

Notice anything missing from these shots?  Yep: in-your-face-runway-makeup!

Don’t worry, beauty junkies!  There’s hope!  In the most recent episode of Downton Abbey, kitchen maid Ivy is chastised for wearing rouge with the implication that it makes her look like a fallen woman.  However, we are also starting to see Lady Mary and Lady Edith sporting bold lips and new character Cousin Rose is sure to dazzle with her scandalous flapper fashion!  It’s only a matter of time before roaring twenties red lips and nails begin to emerge!

Downton Abbey Cousin Rose

Downton Abbey Cousin Rose

Who’s your Downton style icon?

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