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Eye Makeup for your Bold Lips Look

January 28, 2013

Bold and bright lips are back and I’m loving it.  I was in NY last week and peeped a lot of daytime, work-appropriate red, burgundy, and cranberry lips.  Hooray for color!

You may be wondering what to do with your eyes now that you’re embracing your bold, new world of lip color.  The answer:  very little.

Red Lips Look Source:

Red Lips Look Source:

We know you finally mastered the smokey eye, but this is not the time to flaunt it.  Bold lips + smokey eye = disaster.  Only Lady Gaga, David Bowie, and circus clowns can pull off bold lips and bold eyes.

Bold Lips + Bold EyesTough to pull off.

Bold Lips + Bold Eyes
Tough to pull off.

Go for a defined brow by using a brow pencil to lightly color in the brow.  When you are using an eye pencil, the goal is to enhance your brows by coloring the hair – not to draw in new brows.  I love Sumita Beauty’s brow pencils because they are soft and blend easily.

Bright Lips + Natural Eyes

Bright Lips + Natural Eyes
A much more cohesive look.

If you must use eye shadow, go for a subtle nude.  Add a little mascara and you’re all set!

What eye makeup do you pair with your bold lips?


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