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Lasting Skintastic – by Claudia Moriel, Guest Glossist

January 7, 2013

Claudia Moriel outline

As a professional makeup artist I have two goals I’m always striving to improve upon.

  1. Making it last – How can I have the look I create last 8 or more hours (because I do makeup for weddings… Best of the Knot 3 years in a row, thank you very much!)
  2. Skintastic – How can I make your skin look absolutely flawless without looking like you have makeup on?

These are two goals in life I can’t get enough of!

Recently I have come up with an amazing way to apply foundation that I have been getting fabulous results from, so I told Jill I had to share it on gloss48 for all you makeup lovers out there.

I can’t say that I have jumped on the BB or CC cream bandwagon.  I’m a late adopter to beauty trends.  I have to see how they work first and what my friends say.  I took me a while to adopt primers into my routine, when they first came out.

(I also didn’t get an iPhone until the 5 came out so you see the trend here)

I still like my primer and foundation separate.  I just don’t think you get the best result when they are mixed together in one product. I feel the efficacy of each product gets watered down the more you mix them together.

Here are the steps I have tried and proven to work:

  1. Follow your normal skin care routine (such as cleanse, tone and moisturize) 
  2. Give yourself some time between each step (I cleanse in the shower, tone when I get out of the shower and moisturize before blow-drying my hair.  This gives each product a chance for it to work its magic and absorb into the skin.)
  3. Then I use my makeup primer. Some of my favorites in order are . . .
    1. Stila One Step Correct
    2. Temptu S/B Primer
    3. Smashbox Photo Finish
    4. NYX Shine KillerClaudia's Primers
  4. I do my eye makeup and clean up any fallout from the shadow left around my eyes. In the  meantime, I’m giving the primer some time to settle on my skin.
  5. Then I dab the foundation I choose that day on my forehead, cheeks, nose and a bit on my chin. Some of my favorites in order are . . .
    1. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation
    2. Kett Cosmetics Fixx Crème Foundation
    3. Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer
    4. Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid FoundationClaudia's Foundations
  6. And here is the magic trick!
    I take a Beauty Blender and spray MAC Fix+ on the blender until it’s damp and blend the foundation into my skin. The MAC Fix+ sheers out the foundation and helps it to last longer on my skin.
  7. Apply concealer if needed and use the same technique with the Beauty Blender.
  8. Finally, I take the damp Beauty Blender and apply MAC Mineralize or Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation on my T zone or under my eyes to set my concealer.  The dampness of the Beauty Blender again sheering out the affect of the power.

This magic combination has my foundation last for at least 4 + hours. I noticed that the primer, foundation and MAC Fix+ all used together helps the foundation last.

Claudia's Beauty Blender Trick

For added insurance if I’m hitting the dance floor for the night or attending an event I then set it all with Model in a Bottle – the BEST makeup fixative EVER, it’s always in my kit.  This helps the foundation last 8+ hrs.   If I do start to shine a bit all I have to do is use some blotting paper I don’t need to re-apply powder or foundation which can start to look cakey.

Model in a Bottle

Model in a Bottle

If you would like to learn more of my beauty tips and ticks I offer makeup lessons, where I get to teach you everything I have learned from 8 years of tried and true makeup results.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 15, 2013 5:25 am

    I love this post, thank you. Will definitely try this out on a beach wedding coming up. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth permalink
    April 5, 2013 3:32 pm

    Great post!!! Trying this tonight! Thank you so much!

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