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Guest Post: Beauty Milk + Cookies – Thierry Mugler Lipstick + PJ Beauty Mirror

January 4, 2013


Let’s talk lipstick. When I say Canada, most of you will think ARGO (no, not Fargo). Well, let’s get past that. Moving right along to Thierry Mugler lipstick (Rouge Unique) which to my knowledge you can only purchase online or by calling that very Canadian institution, the Hudson’s Bay Company 416 861-9111, asking for the Thierry Mugler counter. In the U.S., you can get it here.

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique in Fantasy

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique in Fantasy

Mugler’s Rouge Unique 7 Fantasy is edgy,sheer, natural and BLUE – yes BLUE! It’s cut like a diamond in a silver case. Apply it lightly to your lips than press your lips together until they warm up. This BLUE gem turns the most beautiful, soft pink as your lips get warmer and warmer. $35 Canadian dollars ($28 USD) later, when you pull it out of your purse everyone near you will gasp and want to play.

If you’re really daring you might want to try 14 Sparkling Black. But for me, nothing beats the BLUE.

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique in Sparkling Black

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique in Sparkling Black

Like milk and cookies, if you’re going for the BLUE you must have the Paul & Joe Beauty Mirror to go with it.

Paul & Joe Beauty Mirror

Paul & Joe Beauty Mirror

In your hand it is wafer thin, luminous and sensuous to the touch with an elegant chrysanthemum motif on various surfaces.  By far the most beautiful, sporty mirror ever. It is large enough for you to see your entire face. In fact, it’s large enough to see almost everything going on behind you. I once had a friend pull it out of my hands at a resto so she could secretly observe her ex sitting at the table behind us. Priced somewhere between $25 -$35.

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