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Beautiful Stocking Stuffers – Better Late Than Never!

December 21, 2012

I know I’m a little behind the 8 ball here with the stocking stuffer list. But I still thought you all might love to hear what I would choose to be in my stocking if I celebrated Christmas. Here are my top picks:

LaLicious Kissing Stix Trio – $25 Great value for 3 amazing tubes o’ luv. While this brings back memories of the 3-packs of fruit-flavored Bonnie Bell roll-on lip gloss we used to get around the holidays, this lip balm is serious stuff. I keep one in Sugar Kiss with all my makeup and it is incredibly moisturizing and tastes great to boot. This trio includes Sugar Kiss with two new flavors: Mint Kiss and Vanilla Kiss. Sense a theme here? If you’re a Bostonista, you can get them at MiniLuxe.

Kissing stix combo

Courtesy of LaLicious.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit No. 62. $Priceless because ya can’t get it. The first I heard of this very cool BLACK lipstick was when a friend of mine in Toronto asked me to track her down a tube in the US. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t go on black. It reacts with your skin’s pH and therefore is different on everyone. Having never heard of this, and having searched both Sephora and the Givenchy Beauty website only to find absolutely no trace of this color, I was pretty pissed off at this lipstick, at Givenchy, at Liv Tyler, and anyone else who happened to walk into the room. Apparently, Liv Tyler co-created this capsule collection of 3 lipsticks with Givenchy, and this black No. 62 is the main attraction. That is, if you can find it. According to my lovely telephone conversation with a Sephora sales associate, they are sold out companywide. So much for fitting it into this year’s stocking.

Courtesy of Vogue.

Courtesy of Vogue.

Ligne St. Barth Banana Hand Cream. $52 – Crazy for hand cream, but “affordable” luxury, right? A few years ago (you know, pre-2008), my hubby and I went on an exceedingly extravagant anniversary trip to St. Barths. Once we had blown our wad on the airfare, the hotel, the food, and the drinks on the beach, there wasn’t a lot left over for souvenirs. Even if there had been a lot left over, it wouldn’t have bought much, since one sock costs about $25 in St. Barths. But, I felt I needed a little somethin’ as a souvenir.  Wandering around the main town I found this Ligne St. Barth shop with a line of St. Barths-made spa products. Insanely expensive, but when I tried the banana hand cream I was in love. It smells subtly of bananas (the real kind, not the Runts kind) and is so emollient without being greasy. Since then, it has been my go to hand cream  – when I can spring for it!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Louis Vuitton Ring – La Malle Aux Tresors Collection. $Who cares? Definitely cannot afford. I mean, are you kidding me with this ring???? Insane!!? Not sure I could ever pull it off but I would sure try my bestest.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

What would you put in your stocking?

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