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Holiday Party Looks I Love

December 19, 2012

Holiday parties are in full force!  If you’re like me, you just couldn’t be bothered to find a slew of new dresses this year.  I pulled out an oldie but goodie, floor length, sleek black dress and concentrated on my hair and makeup.  It worked, but I was jealous of a couple of the other looks.  There was one surprising look in particular.  I dubbed it “The Hanukkah”: white cocktail dress + blue eye shadow + blue nail polish.

This look first caught my eye because she was the only attendee in white in a sea of black and deep reds. This isn’t the exact dress, but it was similar:

Cynthia Steffe Tulip Dress

Cynthia Steffe Tulip Dress

When I got a closer look (Don’t worry – she sat across from me at dinner.  I wasn’t stalking.), I noticed that she matched her blue eye shadow with her nails.  I never would have dared it before I saw it in action, but she really rocked it!

The polish was something like OPI No Room for the Blues:


OPI No Room for the Blues
Source: Makeup and Beauty Blog 

And a simple, matching blue eye with a color close to MAC Sky Blue:

MAC Sky Blue

MAC Sky Blue

I might just try something new for the next soiree!

Have you seen any great, holiday party looks?!  Do tell!


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