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Leave your bags at Jeannie’s!

December 10, 2012

Let me start with full disclosure. Jeannie Chung is a good friend of mine. She also just so happens to be one of the preeminent facial plastic surgeons in the Northeast. She has a laser-like focus on precision and she combines surgical mastery with an artistic eye for detail in her approach for a natural look. Last week I attended Jeannie’s open house for her new office – more in a bit.


Jeannie getting her makeup done pre-opening (image courtesy of Jeannie Chung)


Here is gorgeous Jeannie.

One of the things I love about Jeannie is her incredible warmth, which never gets in the way of her directness. I first met Jeannie when our daughters became friends at school. She invited us over for a Saturday afternoon playdate at her place.

In  my sweats and conscious of the fact that I do very little for my skin beyond cleanser and moisturizer, I must admit to being a little bit intimidated as I entered House of Jeannie.  Not knowing her at all at the time, I was afraid she would *think* all kinds of things about my bags, wrinkles, and whatnot but that she would *say* none of it.

Well, that just ain’t Jeannie. She gave me a huge hug (and a glass of white wine -shhh). While our kids were using surgical scissors to cut out various Halloween shapes together (being supermom, she of course had stocked up on all kinds of Halloween arts and crafts materials and cookie-making items), we made small talk for a few minutes. Then, with the expertise of only someone who has had to put thousands of patients at ease day in and day out, Jeannie took a careful look at my overtired face and cut right to the chase with: “So let me just tell you what I think. You really don’t need much. But, my dear, you do need a little bit here [pointing to my Grand Canyon furrow line] or when you’re 75 you’re gonna need surgery. So make an appointment.”  And bam – we were friends. My kinda lady.

Now back to the open house. I kind of expected some holiday cheer in a stark medical office. This was NOTHING like that. Jeannie’s new place feels more like a spa. The space is calmly lit with soft, neutral furnishings. The staff is incredibly professional and welcoming. And I was actually surprised to learn about the breadth of Jeannie’s offering including surgical, non-surgical, and skin rejuvenation services.


The Nip Tuck Club (image courtesy of Jeannie Chung)


Choices… choices… (image courtesy of Jeannie Chung)


Gift bags from a plastic surgeon. Can you IMAGINE anything better? (image courtesy of Jeannie Chung)

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