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Holiday Hair Help

December 5, 2012

For some reason, I can’t find the motivation to go dress shopping for holiday parties this year.  I think I’m going to unearth a dress from years past and focus on my hair, makeup, and accessories.  If I don’t buy a new dress, I can redirect those funds to new shoes and makeup, right?!?

I have been thinking about how to spruce up my holiday hair routine.  To be completely honest, I usually just blow dry my hair straight.  If I’m feeling extra saucy, I will pull out the curling iron to create some loose curls.  I know – BO-RING!  I’m determined to break the habit this year!

  1. Professional Help.  For one of the holiday parties, I already have an appointment at Blo, the new blow dry bar in my Boston neighborhood.  I love the idea of an expert tackling my tresses.  Even if they just blow dry my hair straight, they will surely do a far better job than I have done in years past.  If you don’t have a blow dry bar near you, your regular salon probably also does great holiday hair.  Ask your usual stylist/colorist who he/she recommends for your holiday hair.  Usually there are one or two stylists who specialize in dramatic do’s!
  2. Add a Dash of Sparkle.  I LOVE the look of sparkly antique (or faux vintage) brooches in hair.  You can snag the real thing from any vintage/retro shop or search for a baubled brooch on Etsy.Emma Stone with an Antique Brooch.  Source: Pinterest.
  3. Pinsperation!  Stillstumped, get some inspiration from Pinterest!  You can find ideas and, frequently, instructions for just about any hairstyle.  I recommend giving yourself a time limit or you may waste away your entire day perusing up-do’s, accessories, and braids!  It could get hairy.
Hair How-To Side Chignon.  Source: Pinterest

Hair How-To Side Chignon Source: Pinterest

What’s your holiday hair haps?

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