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Perfect Gift for your Pampering Princess

November 28, 2012
JimmyJane Ember Massage Oil Candle

These days, I love any sort of pampering that does not involve diapers.  It’s tough for me to sneak out for a massage, but sometimes I just need a little indulgence.

One of my favorite pampering products is the JimmyJane Ember massage oil candle.  I light the candle while taking a hot shower so the bathroom smells wonderful.  The candle liquefies at body temp.  Post-shower, I tip out the warm, melted oil from the candle and massage it into my legs and feet.  It feels amazing and it’s incredibly moisturizing.

Gift alert! JimmyJane Ember makes an excellent gift for the pampering princess in your life.

I use the Truffle Gardenia scent, which is a rich floral.  The Ember also comes in Ginger + Date and Lychee + Lapsang.  If you’re looking for a simpler scent, go for their Afterglow massage oil candles in Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, Cucumber Water, Pink Lotus, Grapefruit, or Gingersnap.

FULL DISCLOSURE: JimmyJane is know for their more “romantic” gifts.  Their website is not for the faint of heart.  This is just a warning in case you are shopping at your desk.  We are not judging!

That said, they have some excellent massage tips if you need some inspiration!

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