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Our Fave Holiday Looks

November 23, 2012

OK so I’m not a big sparkly red and green eye shadow for the holidays kind of girl. The whole concept of “holiday look” is even kind of strange – I mean, what exactly IS a holiday look? How to use tinsel as false eyelashes? How to look like a candelabra exploded on your face?

For me, a holiday look is taking a classic, everyday look one step farther and dressing it up for evening. It does NOT mean that you need to create a holiday look for Black Friday doorbuster-fueled shopping at 3am at Walmart.  It DOES mean that for festive get togethers, you step out of your mascara-and-lip-gloss comfort zone (for those of you who can get away with living in that zone).

To research holiday looks that did not involve candy cane anything, I turned to the be all and end all of imagery: Pinterest. Here are some of our favorite looks for the holidays:

1. Gorgeous red lips and sexy, simple eyes on Katy Perry.

2. Take a break from red with these velvety pink lips – courtesy of The Makeup Box

3. Smouldering eyes… check out the ‘how to’ on (because let’s face it there’s no way I could ever recreate this look).

4. Kim Kardashian “Natural” Holiday Makeup Look – Tutorial by sccastaneda.

5. OK so maybe I’m stretching the “holiday look” theme. But this sure “looks” good… Check it out on

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  1. Shawn Kravetz permalink
    November 23, 2012 11:18 am

    Smores pops

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