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Lipstick Stains on Cups are SO Annoying… Until now.

November 19, 2012

A few weeks ago I was lamenting the ugly red lipstick stains on my white plastic Starbucks coffee lid.  I was about to go into a meeting, and lo and behold, there’s a nice red smudgy circle about an inch wide around the little drinking hole in the lid from the new dark cherry lipstick I’ve been sportin’ lately.  If the smudge could have been more dainty and tiny, I might not have been so annoyed.

I frantically try to wipe it off with my thumb, knowing that when I then go to open my notebook in the meeting, the offending red lipstick will transfer nicely from my thumb to my notebook. I think about how someone should invent some kind of a removal or preventative device for these stains, since surely millions and millions of women and probably fewer men are affected by this horror on a daily basis.

By the time I got halfway through the contents of the cup and the caffeine started to circulate around the many, many parts of my brain where annoyance is triggered, I was over it – for the moment.

My friends say I’m a glass (cup?) half empty kind of person. Well today I’m turning that frown upside down, and finding the positive in the lipstick-stain-on-cup situation, by introducing you to the Lip Tease collection of fine bone china cups and saucers from British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko, who set out to prove prove that the fine bone china industry doesn’t have to be about your grandmother’s hutch, or creepy figurines but can be about modern shapes  – hers are typically witty or simple, Japanese inspired forms.

I have to say, they crack me up!

Reiko Kaneko Gold Lip Tease Cup

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  1. Jil permalink
    November 19, 2012 11:15 am

    Try using ‘goo gone’ to remove the pigment. Works beautifully.

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