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Webcam Glam

October 24, 2012

Remember when Judy Jetson used to don her morning mask before she answered her video phone? How did we end up with the video phone without the morning mask?!

I spent a lot of time of webcams this past year thanks to a good friend’s move to South America and my Australian in-laws. While I am always keenly interested in their tales from the southern hemisphere, I can’t help but fixate on my garish features and pale blue pallor. It’s a humbling experience.

I asked a trusted makeup artist what I could do to look better on camera. Her response: “Everyone looks bad on those things. There’s not a whole lot you can do. Make sure you leave your hair down.”

So I did what I always do in this type of e-mergency; I turned to Google. It turns out that the best tips to get webcam glam were from a photographer, not a makeup artist. Check Daily Candy’s video below for celeb photographer Matther Rolston’s tips on how to look good on a webcam.

In case you don’t have the bandwidth to watch, here’s the gist:

  1. Look good. Do your makeup. Sit up straight. (Hmmm…my mom has been telling me this for years!)
  2. Lighting. Center a desk lamp just above the lense of your device so that you are front lit.
  3. Positioning. Set up your device so that it is about equal to your hairline. Angle the screen until you center yourself in the frame.
  4. Don’t sit too close. The wide angle webcam is not flattering to your features.

Are you ready for your closeup? Do you have any webcam tips?! Please share! We’re desperate over here!

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