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Tank you, Tina!

October 22, 2012

I must have 25 white tanks in my drawer – a collection of white to used-to-be-white and from a wide range of brands including Mossimo (thank you Target), Michael Stars, Splendid, James Perse, Hanky Panky etc..  The collection also represents a range of styles: long, short(!), loose, tight, skinny straps, wide straps, thin, thick, etc.

I don’t really love any of them so last week, on the recommendation of my stylish and stylist friend Tara, I picked up yet another white tank. It wasn’t really all that premeditated… I was at a clothing store for a few other “investment pieces” and walked right into the cash wrap trap. There, by the Hello Kitty Hanky Panky’s (which I thankfully resisted) and the Ms. &  Mrs. Emergency Kits, was the Tees by Tina display. Normally, I would have dismissed yet another white tank because of the large variety already in my possession, but I remembered that Tara had raved about these “underpinnings”. So I bought a couple as a sign of support. I mean, what’s another $60 (they are $30 each) on top of the “investments” I had already brought up to the register?

I definitely had a moment of pause before I bought them. First, they are very stretchy. As I pictured wearing the stretchy fabric around my 3-kids-and-a-serious-pizza-habit midsection, I had mild palpitations imagining the stretchy fabric gradually creeping up and up and up as the day wore on and the stretch wore off. Second, they are “one size fits most” which is a descriptor I have always found to be highly flawed and virtually impossible.  It’s not that I doubted Tara’s wisdom, but I felt it was incumbent on me to ask the 21-year old, 90 lbs soaking wet sales associate for her opinion on the physics and fit of the tanks. I know this is going to shock you, but she actually gave them GLOWING reviews. As in “can’t live without them” gushing. So what choice did I have but to buy them??!!

Tees by Tina Solid Cami (comes in a zillion colors) – image courtesy of Tees by Tina. Note: this is a model. This is not me. No really.

Well here is the real deal. These tanks ROCK. Every single claim is entirely true (non-disclaimer: we are in NO way benefiting from this endorsement and the company likely has absolutely no idea we even exist).  Are they stretchy? Yes. But, they STAY PUT. So when you pull it down over your jeans to your butt, it actually stays there until you move it. And yes, they are body hugging, but in a nice, slimming way —  you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a sausage casing all day. And does one size fit most? I’m not actually sure… I’m a pretty average size and it fits me perfectly – I’ve seen photos of Kourtney Kardashian wearing Tees by Tina very very preggers and she looks great in it.

The line was created by Tina, a pilates instructor, who was unable to find tees that she loved on the market – so she created her own. Given the number of celebrity sightings on the Tees by Tina website, it’s highly possible that I am very late to the party on this one, and that most of you already know about this miracle product. For those of you who weren’t already familiar with it, it is my hope and dream that the knowledge I have imparted to you today will bring you a lot of underpinning happiness and good fortune.


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