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I Would Not, Could Not, In a Box…. Guest Post by Candace Evans-Lucas

October 15, 2012

I think you’ve heard me go on and on (and on) about how we love Candace. Not only is Candace a self-admitted beauty junkie, but she lives and breathes beauty every day at her amazingly chic beauty store and studio, The Candy Bar, where you can find a glorious selection of the most unique beauty products, hand picked by Candace. The best part is that Candace doesn’t put anything on the shelf that she doesn’t wholeheartedly believe in. (Check out Candace’s video on how to get a beachy glow using Girlactik products here and on one of our favorite body care lines, Skin, An Apothecary here.)


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get out of a rut – change up the wardrobe a bit, change up the exercise routine, change up the menu.  For the final push out of that rut, I asked Candace to share her thoughts on changing up the beauty routine for us, as well as her product recommendations (all of which are available at The Candy Bar, of course)… Enjoy!

As a makeup artist and beauty boutique owner, I am fortunate enough to be able to work with and speak to all kinds of women on a daily basis. One of the the things I continue to hear regularly from my clients is, “I very rarely change my makeup routine .” Now, this does not mean that said woman has been using the same bottle of foundation for the last ten years. On the contrary, it means that her comfort level is in what she knows works for her. While she may change the shade of that foundation seasonally,  she very rarely strays outside her core products to try something new. These ladies have a hard time “thinking outside the box” when it comes to beauty.

In the billion dollar bonanza that is the beauty industry, there are so many choices and so much out there,  so what’s a girl to do? Today we are lucky. Any beauty question is nothing more than a click away on our smart phones or a trip to a beauty store, like The Candy Bar. Let the experts show you the possibilities and give you the  knowledge  necessary to change that “inside the box” thinking.

These are  my suggestions to mix up your beauty routine:


Women say all the time, “I don’t wear a foundation because it looks too heavy on the skin.” I was one of these women. I always wore a tint, because I thought I just needed it for a touch of color and to even out skin tones.  I later learned the truth and wondered why I had wasted so much time steering clear of the perfect complexion enhancer. Foundations have come a long way since the days of heavy “base”. They now come in all kinds of formulas;  oil free, mineral powders, anti-aging, moisturizing and all kinds of finishes; matte, Dewy and luminous.

Foundation is our FRIEND, and the first step in giving your complexion a flawless look.  Try a mineral powder, if you haven’t already, and you will  love the finish and coverage this product provides. If you wear a tinted moisturizer, try one of the new BB Creams that offer multiple skin benefits and a sheer coverage all wrapped up in one simple tube. Or buy yourself a medium coverage foundation, one that you think you would never buy because you thought it was too heavy. Trust me , it’s not, and  you will be amazed at the natural looking results.

My pick: Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme to Powder Foundation – This cool, refreshing formula is so unique you will be amazed! Made of 75% Microwater, it’s like replacing moisture to the skin and has a great medium coverage and flawless finish.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation


Nothing, and I mean nothing, enhances the complexion like a weekly, at home mask targeted for your skins concerns. I cant stress this enough. Giving your skin a weekly 15 minute mask will undoubtedly leave your skin glowing and looking fresh. Speak to your skin care consultant about the right mask for you and commit to using it. It’s that simple and  that effective.

My pick: B. Kamins Brightening Mask – This mask helps to brighten and tone skin. Mix it with your moisturizer for an even more effective brightening and hydrating weekly treat.


Eyeshadow, in my opinion, is the single most anxiety inducing beauty product of all time. Women love the idea of a palette of eye shadows, but they are less enthusiastic about the application of each color. Everybody asks for the “smokey eye”, but not every woman is confident enough to apply it themselves. Generally speaking, the “inside the box”-ers usually wear only one shade in a palette of four. What they end up with is a bunch of eyeshadow palettes with only one color used up.

My advice to you is this: the one thing you need to master the smokey eye is time. You need a few instances where it’s just you and the mirror and some time to experiment with color. View some of the incredible tutorials that are on the Internet to get an idea of what to do, then work with the untouched colors in your palette. Yes, the ones that scare you. Soon you will find that it’s not that hard at all. Once you do it a few times, you will then feel more confident trying out on a Saturday night.

My pick: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty-The EyeShadow Duo – choose from 10 new color combinations. One to highlight, the other to contour and define. The mini compact gives you a contrasting combination to help you create your favorite looks.

Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Duo


Sometimes when I’m doing a make up application, the woman will balk at having powder or a pencil applied to their eyebrows. “My grandmother draws her eyebrows in,” she will say recoiling in horror. ” I don’t want to look like an old lady.” Yes, Filling in the eyebrows with a complementary powder, pencil, or tube of brow gel can produce dramatic results, but not the drama that conjures up images of your grandmother’s eyebrows.

By filling in your eyebrows you are actually defining their shape. This naturally creates a frame for your eyes which will draw attention to your newly smoked out peepers. It’s the one thing you can try that is so effective that 9 out of 10 times, it is immediately added to a woman’s repertoire of core products. Pencil, powder or gel ? All are great and all have their advantages. Pencils are easy to transport and usually have a brush at one end and a pencil at the other. I love the brush for grooming the brow and  it helps to spread the color evenly throughout the hair. Powders can be precise, with the right brush, and can deposit more pigment than a pencil. Gels do dual duty by both adding color and taming brows that can  otherwise be unruly, and hold them in place.

My pick: Smashbox Brow Tech Trio – Two hair color coordinated powders and one wax to create, define and groom a subtle and gorgeous brow.

Smashbox Brow Tech Trio

Bottom line…think outside the box and experiment! Do it in the store, do it at home and find your personal makeup style. By occasionally adding new things to your beauty routine, you keep yourself fresh and your look even fresher. You’ll soon find that somewhere between the inside of the box and the outside of the box lie the answers to a new you. .

The Candy Bar Founder, Candace Evans-Lucas

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