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Guest Post: Why is my skin going berserk? By Claudia Moriel / Beauty and makeup expert

October 12, 2012

We are so thrilled to bring you this post by our Guest Glossist, Claudia Moriel. Claudia has worked with gloss48 for months and we can always count on her to be completely upfront about what we can and cannot expect from skincare and makeup products. See Claudia’s past gloss48 videos on LAQA nail pens, Dr. Hauschka skincare, and Dr. Hauschka makeup.

We asked Claudia to help us deal with the inevitable changes in our skin as the seasons shift. Here she provides a very thorough guide to skin prep by season and by skin type. Enjoy!

We all know what happens this time of year.

The leaves start to fall, the air gets a little chillier and begins to dry out.

It’s inevitable when the fall starts to settle in my lips start to get dry. . . .

Pause for beauty faves

  1. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
  2. Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm
  3. Love & Toast Prickly Pear Lip Balm

and my skin starts to get utterly confused.  It happens every year like clockwork with the change of the seasons.  I used to work at MAC and thought that they would get us to tell our customer to change foundations because they wanted our customers to spend more. Now that I’m experiencing it first hand (because I’m spending more time out doors) I believe these tall tails of the talc and beauty world.

I’m not one to wear SPF  – sorry makeup gurus around the world – I just don’t like it. That’s me and if you need to wear it and want to by all means please do, this is just me.  This year I got back into long distance running.  By the end of May I noticed that my foundation wasn’t looking quite right any more hmmmm then I saw the tank top tan lines and thought cool!  I have a runners tan. Which meant I really did have to change up the color of my foundation.  Before this I wasn’t one to spend much time in the sun so that’s why I didn’t believe in changing the color of my foundation or skin care routine.  I also noticed my skin was a bit oiler and acne prone from all the running and sweating.  So I went from using a Stila tinted moisturizer back to my old MAC Studio Stick Foundation, which they soooooo soooo soo sadly don’t make any more.

But just as soon as my tan appeared it also disappeared.  I know the weather has been very nice in September but I have found myself running in long sleeves again. The last time I put on my MAC NC 35 I could see a clear distinction between my jaw line and neck . . . fatal makeup mistake!  So I’m back to my beloved Kett Fixx Cream! Yes I am a makeup junkie and do have about 5 different types of foundation.

I also noticed my beloved Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream was drying my skin out. I recently switched back to my fall favorite Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light.

So the moral of the story is yes you should probably change your foundation and skin care with the seasons!

Tip and Products

Summer/Spring – Oily Combo

Skin Care



  • MAC – Pro Long Wear – Although this one is a bit heavier than what I like to wear in the summer it has good sticking power in the humidity

Winter/Fall – Oily Combo

Skin Care

  • Moisturizer – Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light – As I begin to move from my late 30’s to my early 40’s my skin is finally getting a bit drier so I do switch up to this slightly more emollient cream.  I have noticed that because Dr. Hauschka uses such clean ingredients even thought the cream is richer it doesn’t clog my pores.



  • Kett Fixx Cream – I get so excited when I can revert back to my Kett! I put it on hap haphazardly and then spray my face with MAC Fix+ and spread it smooth with a brush.

Summer/Spring – Normal to Dry

Skin Care

  • Cleanse – Pristine Beauty Locks of Fame Shampoo – Blaire who created the product has some GREAT YouTube videos.  In one these she explains that you can use her shampoo as a facial cleanser! I did and loved it.  Locks of Fame smells amazing and has some calming ingredients like calendula and rose hip seed.


  • Temptu Pro – S/B Primer – This primer is amazing! It’s silicone based so it smoothes out any dry skin and leaves the skin looking supple. It also has great sticking power!


  • Kett – Fixx Creme Foundation – This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE foundation!!! I must repeat this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE foundation. I have never found anything better. Photographers have stopped me to ask what I used when I was done.

Winter Fall – Normal to Dry

Skin Care

  • Cleanse – Pristine Beauty Locks of Fame Shampoo – I tend to like a sudsy cleanser so I stick with this.
  • Toner – Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner – Their toners are like tinctures and prepare your skin for hydration.
  • Moisturizer – Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light or Rose Day Cream
    Rose Day Cream is very thick so I only recommend it for people with very dry skin.



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