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What Was Pinteresting Last Week

October 8, 2012

I’m pretty sure I was one of the first people on Pinterest, legit. I developed an early obsession with it — it was a new addiction that allowed me to wean myself off of Words with Friends. And, it takes much less talent, effort, and thought. And there really are no consequences if you pin the “wrong” thing.

It really started with pinning a few things here and there, since none of my buddies were on it. After a few weeks of evangelism, I managed to convert some unsuspecting friends to join and start pinning. This fueled my now nightly pre-bed, in bed, activity (my husband loves this). Pinning on my iPad for hours at a time. It’s a sickness.

So I thought that I’d take the first step towards recovery, admit that I have a problem with Pinterest, and share some of my favorites pins from the week. I’ll try to keep this as beauty-related as possible, but hopefully you will forgive the occasional wandering into adjacent “lifestyle” categories. Here goes….

1. Japonesque Safari Collection Brushes – GENIUS. How cool is the design on these brushes!?? My only question is what happens to the gorgeous pattern after you use them?

Japonesque Safari Collection Make-up Brushes

Pinned from

2. How To for Natural Eye-Makeup – I’m kind of in an “I need a makeup renewal” phase (happens bi-annually if not quarterly) so this is actually a helpful step by step. And, the model has the same coloring as me so for once I can actually envision what this would look like on me.

natural eye makeup

(Pinterest can’t find the blog this came from…)

3. Model Jessica Stam’s ethereal makeup – ok, so this would never fly on me (I’m way too addicted to my eyeliner) but I loved the clean, fresh, dewy look of her eye makeup. And her complexion looks creamy and natural.

4. Star-studded Converse – Sorry – this is where I slipped out of the beauty category but I couldn’t help it. These need to get in my closet, stat. Next to my Dr. Seuss Converse.

All Star studded

(pinned from

5. Neon Braided Bracelets – I think I have a problem letting go of the 80s.

(pinned from

6. Meyer Lemon Pasta – whoa… now we’re really veering off the beauty course but doesn’t this look AMAZEBALLS?! This is what I love about Pinterest – I discovered this awesome blog called Minimally Invasive with some really great recipes.

Courtesy of Minimally Invasive (

7. Grey & Pink French Mani – Back to beauty. I’ve never been a big (or little) fan of French manicures. This, however, is something I might have to try. Maybe with neon yellow + grey.

Pinned Image

Pinned from

8. How to Contour and Highlight – again, the source of this is another interesting blog discovery. This one is The blog post gives a pretty thorough how-to on contouring. And the results are seriously amazing. I know that I for one will never, ever, ever have the time to do this. But I would highly encourage anyone with time to check it out and try it and let me know how it turns out.

How to Contour & Highlight

How to Contour & Highlight – pinned from

9. Kevin Murphy hair products – love his packaging.

kevin murphy products.

Pinned from

10. Victoria Beckham Tri-Tone Leather Tote…. love love love for fall. And ONLY $2,100! What a steal (eyeballs rolling)!!

Trendland Shop | Archive | Bags

Pinned from

Is anyone else out there addicted to Pinterest???! Support group anyone??

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