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My Crush on Girlactik Cream Blush

September 24, 2012

I’m one of those people who has absolutely zero flush in her cheeks without some kind of heavy duty physical exertion or makeup. Most days, I lean toward makeup. Some days, I use makeup and THEN try to do some physical exertion.

My latest makeup crush started during the summer and just won’t let go. It’s the Girlactik cream blush in Coral. You might have read about Girlactik on our blog in the past – we are slightly addicted to their Sparkle Eyeliner.

I became obsessed with the Girlactik line when one of our favorite makeup artists, Candace Evans-Lucas, showed us some samples and we decided to feature it on our site. I love founder Galit Strugano‘s philosophy that anyone can pull off a bit of shimmer / sparkly in a sophisticated way. After watching Candace’s videos, I decided to try the cream blush.

There are MANY things I love about this product. Here are a few:

1) Color – true to its name, this is a coral blush. But it’s amazingly flexible – depending on the foundation I use and the amount of blush I put on (and the color of my top that day), it can range from warm pinky to peachy to corally.

2) Consistency – this is a very sheer, thin blush. None of that sticky stuff that you have to shmear around your face. This blush goes on very smoothly (like velvet, really) with a light touch and it’s hard to overdo it.

3) Glow – I love the glow that it gives me – it does not have shimmer or sparkle in it (that I can see), but somehow makes your cheeks seem glowy and dewy all at once.

4) Versatility – because it is so sheer, it can be used as a lipstick as well, with a layer of gloss (don’t get me started on Girlactik’s Star Glosses – I have it in Bella and it is the first gloss I’ve used that offers staying power without stickiness). Also, I’ve used this without any other makeup on just to give me a little peaches n cream.

Girlactik Star Gloss

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