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Confessions of a beauty junkie

September 19, 2012

Hi everyone, I’m Jodi. I’m one of the founders of gloss48 and I’m also the resident shopping addict and most extreme beauty junkie. Jill and Laura asked me to finally come clean about the depth of my habits….

…It all started in college when my roommate and I would go to NYC for the weekend sometime in the fall. The summer glow had worn off my face, the circles under my eyes were more like deep crevasses, and invariably I would end up in the chair at one beauty counter or another at Bloomies.  It almost didn’t matter which one. I just needed someone to make me feel pretty and not completely exhausted. Of course I probably should have focused on sleep and rehydrating, but first I would have to check out some products!

And so it began… this occasion became formally known in my life as a “beauty incident” and has led to many “emergency purchases”. At first I was selective in what I purchased, but as I got older, had more specific *concerns*, and could afford more, I bought more. I can safely say that I have enough beauty products and samples and bags and lotions and potions to impress even the most diehard beauty lover (ahem, or professional makeup artist).

I must say it is a bit liberating to be writing about this for the first time, especially under these circumstances. As it happened, I was in NYC last week. I walked into Barney’s with no makeup on (a dangerous combination). I quickly scanned all the out of reach gorgeous jewelry and came across these amazing earrings by Judy Geib. But as I am sure you realize by now, jewelry was not the point.

I made a beeline for Bobbi Brown counter. Everyone was busy and looked like they would be that way for a while so I looked around…

A very nice and handsome man with amazing blue eyes (let’s call him James) in front of an Armani display approached me and I knew I was going to “sit down”. I was allegedly looking for Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and a new red lipstick so I could participate in the Fall 2012 red lip phenomenon. If I had thought about it I would have remembered that Barney’s did not carry Laura Mercier. No worries, James hooked me up.

I told James my usual – very natural, not fussy, don’t have a lot of time, need to cover up my dark circles, tinted moisturizer, and of course, a red lip.

Here is what he did:

  • Revive tinted moisturizer (apparently it is as good as Laura Mercier and will also make me younger!)
  • Armani concealer  #5 (already own about 8 different concealers but why not try another?)
  • Chanel kohl eye pencil brun intense – between the lashes (I have Chanel blue and cassis, but probably need brown too, right?)
  • Black eyeliner above the lashes (I have never gone this dark before and I like it)
  • Mascara (of course)
  • Armani eyebrow pencil #3
  • Chanel Blush Malice #71 (good color, I never wear enough blush and Jessica says it makes you look younger. See Jessica’s fall beauty tips here if you missed them last week)
  • He used my very own Besamé lip liner (purchased on – and he liked it very much!)
  • Red Lipstick by Terry #204 (I still don’t recognize myself with red lips, but I am working on it)

A nice assortment, don’t you think?

I have to say that I was quite pleased with the end result. It was clean, simple, and somewhat refreshing not to have three shades of shadow and a primer on my lids.

Here is the “palette” in the abstract:

Simple, clean, and easy!

The jury is still out as to whether or not I will take James up on his offer to send me my products this week to take advantage of Barney’s Beauty Giveaway or if his suggestion was just the “pause” that I needed to make me walk out of the store and not buy anything! I KNOW! I am as shocked as you are. Hmmm. Now I can be rational and consider whether it makes sense to spend $200 on products I don’t need, to get a bag and samples I don’t need, or I can pass. Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

If any of you out there who are reading this can relate, perhaps you can share your beauty incidents – both on and off line – and we can form a virtual support group! In the meantime I need to find James’ email address before they run out of giveaways.



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