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Five Fall Fashion Tips from Stylist Tara Kaplan West

September 17, 2012

I’m standing here in my closet HATING every single thing in it. You know this feeling, right? Everything is so 3 seasons ago (ok, a bunch of things are 8 seasons ago pre-first-child). The only SINGLE thing I like is this amazing black Sunner cape that my friend Tara Kaplan West brought over to me as her “must have” recommended item for last fall.

Sunner Black Cape (image Courtesy of… not exactly the one Tara brought over but close (mine has a zip up but is the same shape and length).

It’s definitely time for a closet refresh. But more than that, it is time for gutting the closet completely (and drawers stuffed with t-shirts) and coming to terms with what fits, what doesn’t, what looks good, and what really doesn’t (never did, and never will if we’re being really truthful). So of course I’ve booked an appointment with Tara for a 2 hour closet help session, followed by a marathon shopping trip, preceded by a second mortgage on my house, I’m sure. It’s actually “homework”, really, because I’m going to a private shopping party that Tara is holding at a friend’s house in a few weeks. I want to go into that party with a clean slate, and my homework done, right?

Tara Kaplan West is a therapist-turned stylist. Is there anything better???? You can have her help you with your closet but you know she’s not going to make a crack about your 34-A chest or your bubble butt for fear of dredging up self-esteem issues.  When she started her business as a stylist, she came over to help me prepare for a business trip. I was meeting with a whole bunch of beauty and fashion types and really needed to look the part. In about 30 minutes, she had identified existing pieces in my closet (not easy) to pair with other existing pieces in my closet (not easy), including accessories (mess), and somehow tied the whole thing together with her special sauce: the “must have” item for the fall – in this case, the Sunner cape.

One of the things I love about Tara is her brand-agnosticism, and wide price range. While she’ll help you indulge your life-or-death need for that Tod’s bag, she won’t push you into it headfirst and tends to shop for her clients in a wide variety of places, depending on their tastes and budget. I cannot wait to see what “must have items” she brings to our shopping party…to get a sneak peek, I asked Tara to send me her top 5 tips for fall fashion:

1. Must have item for the feet…Booties!  Pair with skinny jeans and dresses opt for fun colors like green or grey.

2. Leather is better…pair any long-sleeve T or light wight sweater with a pair of leather pants or try  a leather trim dress and add tights to polish off the look.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear your white pants..Pair with a dark colored top, long cardigan and booties.

4. Buy the color “wine”..whether pants, tops, or leather jackets.  It’s a great basic color to build from.  Pair with navy’s, creams, and black.

5. Use your blazers!  Wear with jeans, over dresses, or bold printed pants.  Wear with orange, navy, camel scarf on cooler Fall days.

Message us at if you’re in the Boston area, are having a fall clothing emergency, and would like to get in touch with Tara.

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  1. October 1, 2012 7:27 am

    Yes these are very fashionable tips… What type of blazers good at party time.


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