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The Liploc Ziploc

September 10, 2012

Well….. we at gloss48 are ALMOST done with the insanity that is the Cult  Nails sale we ran a few weeks ago. Talk about a last hurrah before hiatus! We have learned that Cult Nails is very aptly named…. we had literally hundreds of orders within hours of posting the sale. We received the goods from Cult Nails on Friday evening and have been literally spending every hour since then drooling over the colors and packing, taping, stickering, and shipping!

The Cult Nails carton graveyard…

I really really really want to move on from Cult Nails (since I now dream about it) but I cannot do so without coming to terms with my fall picks. After staring at all the colors all weekend, my absolute favorites for fall are Seduction, Living Water, and it’s a tossup between Evil Queen and Annalicious (comments welcome). And, the new topcoats (we sold Deception, Two Timer and Alter Ego) are my new obsessions.

Now on to my Liploc Ziploc as I like to call it…

Last week I got fed up with the  bin of crap (loose change, bike lock that I lost the combo to, various lip products, nail files, gum, tissue packs with 1 left, random notes, bills, a princess jewel that fell off Sophie’s tiara) that I keep on my kitchen counter as my in/outbox. With 3 kids in back-to-school mode, I caught the spring cleaning bug 8 months late, and decided I was going to remove all the lip products to their own ziploc home in the closet upstairs.

I am always AMAZED at how much a ziploc holds. I count 20 items, include a few big ones.  I am dying to share the selection of items in my virtual Sephora-encased-in-plastic with you:

Jill’s Liploc Ziploc

The Lip Balm Family

I’m kind of obsessed with lip balm, and really wish there were more occasions to wear and locations to place lip balm containers. Once you’ve covered your car, your vanity, your bedside table, and your handbag, I’ve run out of places to store these tins / sticks and I’m sad because some of them are so pretty and fragrant and yummy. In my Ziploc I have 3 such products. SunBum SPF 30+ Lip Balm tastes like a pina colada and is perfect for a day at the beach. Truthfully, I bought it because I love the packaging – faux wood with a crazy looking monkey on the front. I also have an eos light pink ball thing – I think it’s strawberry smoothie. It tastes yummy and is easy to apply – love the form factor (I also have a lemon one in my car). Thirdly, I have a Rosebud Salve in Strawberry. Can’t say I like it as much as the original Rosebud Salve but it still does the trick nicely.

Sunbum Lip Balm SPF 30

The J.Lo Lip Wannabe Nude Lips

So I’ve always wanted to somehow make that J.Lo nude lip thing work. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, because I have pretty strong features and if I put on ANY other makeup and my lips are nude, I can end up looking like a ghoul. But, I’ve been somewhat successful with some combo of these 3 nudies in my Liploc Ziploc. The Lip and Cheek Palette from Kevyn Aucoin is an AWESOME peachy pinky nude palette with 3 lip glosses, 1 lip stick and a cream blush. I almost think they would look good on any skin tone – they are all very warm peaches / pinks. The ONLY issue with this palette (and the reason it is in my Ziploc instead of a permanent resident in my handbag) is that you really need to use a lip brush with it. I’m always rushing around and it’s just too fiddly for everyday for me. But I do LOVE it. Next up is my LAQA lip pencil in Wolfman – we sold these on gloss48 and I got addicted to this fat, buttery lip pencil. It’s a chalky light pink, and looks best with a tan – I like to put a layer of clear-ish lip gloss on top as it’s pretty matte. Lastly is the love of my life, my Laura Mercier Meringue Lip Glace which I use over and over.

LAQA Lip Pencil in Wolfman

The Red-icents

This is where I just  need to get a grip and be honest with myself. I keep thinking that I can carry off a red lip during the day, and then I get in the car and look in the rearview mirror (who doesn’t?) and it just screams RIDICULOUS. But should I ever want to wear a red lip all day every day for the rest of my life, I certainly have a enough lipstick to get me through. Here is what I have in my Liploc Ziploc. I started off by going drugstore, since I really wasn’t sure about the whole thing, and bought a Cover Girl lipstick in Hot Passion. This was a great buy, since it taught me pretty quickly that blue reds just aren’t my thing. But I kept on trucking and went upscale to Giorgio Armani, and bought the most gorgeous lipstick / gloss  in Rouge 400. It is truly stunning – a great gloss that is very long lasting and a beautiful beautiful bluey red color – for OTHER people. I can’t bring myself to toss it just yet, as I’m hoping that my skin tone will miraculously change to go with this lipstick. My all time favorite red product in the Ziploc is my Besame in Red Velvet – an intense, red-orange creamy lipstick that is the perfect shade for my skin.

Besame Lipstick – Image courtesy of Besame Cosmetics

The Finishers

Aside from the love of my life Laura Mercier lip glace, my all time favorite lip glosses are Girlactik‘s Star Glosses (I have Bella) and Armour’s lip glosses. Armour happens to reside in my Liploc Ziploc right now, so I’ll focus on these. I have Grace (a deep pink / purply color), Lucy (orange) and Marilyn (sparkly clear).  While they are all great to layer over lipsticks to create a slightly different shade (e.g. putting Lucy over one of my blue-red buys), Marilyn is one of those must-haves for date night. Although if you actually kissed anyone with it it would be very gooey.

Armour Lipgloss in Lucy – Image Courtesy of Armour Beauty

The Random Necessity

And, I have one RANDOM thing that made it into my Liploc Ziploc… I was at Jodi’s house a few weeks ago and she gave me this little wooden scoop that she uses with her Sabon scrub. She is obsessed with this Sabon scrub – particularly in outdoor showers on the Cape. Then again, what wouldn’t be awesome in an outdoor shower on the Cape???! Here is a shot of said shower.

Photo courtesy of Jodi and her Sabon obsession

Well thanks for entertaining my lipstuff introspection and retrospection. Would love to hear about what’s in your Liploc Ziploc!

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  1. Jen Tesauro permalink
    September 10, 2012 10:29 am

    Ansolutely go with Annalicious! It’s so stunning- bright and glowy! Firey and lit from within! Perfect compliment to browns and nudes for the fall!!

    • September 10, 2012 11:25 am

      Thanks for the tip! Will do! I like having a few more things to look forward to as I let go of summer!

    • jillkravetz permalink*
      September 10, 2012 3:00 pm

      Thanks Jen!! I was leaning that way too…

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