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Jilly K is in the house!

September 5, 2012

Hey there everyone!! This is Jill here – Laura’s co-founder on gloss48. Laura is off having a baby or something super lazy like that, so I’m getting the chance to blog for gloss48. I’m pretty excited about it – I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m also pretty nervous about it – it’s my first time – so be gentle!!

We’re going to start slow, OK? Today I want tell you about my awesome mani pedi. Boring topic, I know, but I’m actually really excited about two things: 1) the colors I chose and 2) my very first OPI gel manicure (I’m kind of a natural nails girl).

Let’s start with my manicure – I chose a literally life-changing shade of blue / grey / shimmer from OPI called “I Have a Herring Problem” – pictured below (these are so not my nails, FYI). For some reason the color is a bit darker on my nails than in this photo – maybe because I used the gel version… Anyhoo, I love love love it – it is a perfect transition shade for Labor Day weekend.


OPI I Have a Herring Problem – Courtesy of

The jury’s still out on the gel manicure, of course. I’m used to CND Shellac, so we’ll have to see how this stacks up. I loved the fact that it was way faster than Shellac, and the polish seems a little thinner so I’m hoping I won’t get that “I will kill myself if I can’t get this off my nails” on day 6 or 7. I’ll make sure to get back to you next week, since I know you’ll all be waiting by the phone.

Now let’s turn our attention to this crazy cool color I got on my feet. I love the new OPI fall collection, and thankfully MiniLuxe (i.e. the best nail salon in the world) has it in. Manicurist to the star (me) Elaine Thompson  suggested I check out My Very First Knockwurst, a pale, opaque, rosy, pink with brown undertones. It’s awesome. I was kind of sick of bright summer colors but not ready for deep dark fall colors, so this was a perfect in betweener for the next few weeks.


OPI My Very First Knockwurst – image courtesy of

Well that’s all I’ve got blogging-wise right now – stay tuned for our Friday giveaway…!

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