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Pregnant Pause | Mama Mio Review

August 29, 2012

Eviction Notice

As many of you know, I’m super pregnant.  I’ll spare you most of the details, but let’s just say I’m not one of those glowing pregnant women.  I’ve had a relatively easy time of it from what I’ve heard, but I can’t say that I’m in any way radiant.

Mama Mio is known for their beloved, award-winning pregnancy products – particularly their stretch mark prevention.  They also have a full line of firming/cellulite prevention products and OMega skincare.

I received the Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit as a gift a couple of months ago.  It has been a lifesaver! It comes equipped with 1 oz. sizes of three of their best preggo products.  Here’s the rundown:

Mama Mio | Pregnancy Essentials

Lucky Legs: a soothing treatment to relieve tired legs and feet.  This product has been my savior and my sanity (which is relative these days) for the past month.  I developed Restless Leg Syndrome, which strikes with a vengeance at night and makes me feel like I need to stretch my legs.  It’s sort of like needing to yawn, but not being able to execute the actual yawn (yep – take a moment to yawn).  I use Lucky Legs for a quick rubdown of my legs before I go to bed.  It soothes and calms my calves and hamstrings with a minty/cooling sensation that helps me get to sleep.   I HIGHLY recommend this product!!

Boob Tube: a firming cream for your boobs and chest.  All of my bits are still plenty firm, but I’m preparing for their ultimate demise!  I love the light, citrus-y smell of this cream – which says a lot because my sniffer is on overdrive these days!  I use it right out of the shower.

Tummy Rub Butter: loaded with nutrients and goodies, this butter moisturizes and prevents stretch marks.  I use this butter on my belly before I go to bed.  It has helped immensely with the itching I started to experience late in my second trimester!  As for the stretch mark prevention, I have heard that stretch marks are hereditary and cannot be avoided.  I can only speak for myself – not a stretch mark in sight.

I have since replenished all three products in full-size!  You can purchase Mama Mio products on their website.  Happy shopping!

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