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Life Changing Hair + Skin | Pristine Beauty

August 20, 2012

Pristine Beauty

We are so inspired by this product line – 100% natural skin and hair products that are rich in nutrients. Designed to repair cancer treatment damage, these products work wonders – even for healthy hair and skin. Plus, Pristine donates a portion of all proceeds to breast cancer foundations.

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We had a chance to catch up with Blaire Kessler, Pristine Beauty founder and breast cancer survivor.  She developed this product line when she was going through cancer treatment to restore her fabulous hair and skin – an integral factor in her sense of control and therefore her recovery.

Blaire Kessler, Founder + Mom + Breast Cancer Survivor

Blaire Kessler, Founder + Mom + Breast Cancer Survivor

Q.  You mentioned that, for cancer patients, losing your hair is not just about losing your hair. What did you mean by that?

When you lose your hair, it is a constant reminder of what you are going through and the horrible disease. But, it also is something that let’s everyone know what is going on, as well. Some people shave their heads and deal with the issue very publicly, and some others do their best to hide it and internalize things. Either way, I support both choices; some people are private, and for some people it signifies that they are battling it publicly to raise awareness and just to go on and show that the disease can’t bring them down. It is a very positive thing to have the strength to throw it all out there – I think it portrays courage and if people can raise awareness while gaining mental strength from it, great. Because one’s hair is such a noticeable attribute, hair loss just brings the disease out in the public eye more and for the individual acts as a constant reminder to the person. Certainly it heightens awareness, both good and bad.

Q.  Do you have any advice for women going through cancer treatment?

Just stay positive and keep fighting. The mental part is a huge part of the fight. Sometimes, it can be so hard to deal, but you have to keep fighting – find strength from within, or use family and friends to motivate you to fight. Support groups help and it is good to bond with others who have gone through the same things you are going through. As much as some people who have never went through it would like to help, until they are in your shoes, they just don’t know.

Q.  How do your products benefit healthy hair and skin?

Pristine Beauty products are made of all-natural ingredients that promote growth and vitality. They are not filled with potential harmful chemicals that, over time, can possibly have negatives effects on the body. There are no throw away ingredients in any of our products. I did a lot of research on ancient cultures and what they did and what those cultures still do to promote healthy hair and skin and I think I have succeeded.

Q. What is your favorite product from the line? Why?

I love Hooray for Brallywood Butta because men and women both can use it for different reasons. It can help with anti-aging issues, dry skin, helps fade scars, soothes the skin, and it just makes you feel good after using it. My husband uses it on his face after he shaves. He used to get razor bumps/burn and skin irritation from shaving. He hasn’t had either since he started using it. He loves it!

Hooray for Brallywood Butta

Hooray for Brallywood Butta

Q.  What’s next for Pristine Beauty?

We will be adding a sugar scrub and facial cleanser to the Pristine Beauty line real soon. Also, a little down the road, we will be adding a Baby line of products. We are very excited about that. We feel great that we are providing a great all-natural beauty line to the public. I want my child’s generation growing up with chemical-free products that produce the same, if not better, results then the products that have been out there for decades.

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