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Go for the Bronze! Goof Proof Self Tanning

August 15, 2012

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh

Is it too late for Olympics references?!  I don’t think so.

I’m faking my way to a Misty May Treanor tan.  In addition to my usual skin cancer concerns, the heavy, steamy weekends we’ve had in Boston for the past few weeks have not made for the best beach tanning.

I recently discovered Beautisol self tanners, created by Self Tanning Queen Sinead Norenius.  Let me start by allaying some standard self tanner concerns:Beautisol

  1. Odor.  Beautisol still has a slight odor, but it’s nothing compared to most self tanners on the market.  According to their website, they use “Pure Scent” technology that eliminates the processing odor by 70%.  Whatever they’re doing, it’s working!
  2. Streaks.  The Summer Glow self tanning lotion for body tanning features a built-in bronzer that acted as a guide to show me where my work was streaky and where I needed to color in the lines.
  3. Orange Tint.  While I will forever cherish the first season of the Jersey Shore, I am sort of over Snooki and her oompa loompa tint these days.  Beautisol left me with a very natural bronze with no hint of Skooks in sight!
Before and After Beautisol

Here’s a Beautisol before/after shot. Full disclosure – this is not me (I’m not quite ready to nude up for the blog).

Beautisol self tanners are on sale at gloss48 starting Friday August 17 at 11am ET / 8am PT.

My favorite part of the Beautisol approach is that the products come with a full suite of instructional videos featuring founder and Self Tanning Queen Sinead Norenius.  She has essentially goof-proofed the application process from head to toe.  I’m the first to admit that I need this sort of instruction before attempting anything that’s going to last 3-7 days!

For full access to videos on self tanning prep, instructions by body region (legs, torso, chest, face, etc.), maintenance, and general self tanning tips and tricks, click here.  I used this video to help me through self tanning my legs and feet:

Click here to watch the Beautisol Guide to Self Tanning Legs and Feet if he video is not loading above.

Too bad I can’t fake my way to a Misty May Treanor body!

What are your self tanner tips?!

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