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Fauxtox | Furlesse Fine Line Fixers

August 10, 2012

Fine Line Fixers | Furlesse

On the heels of the Real Housewives of New York face yoga episode, I discovered these needle (and face yoga) free fine line fixers from Furlesse.  These adhesive strips are g48-tested against a fierce furrowed brow – plus they are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and virtually invisible!

Furlesse Fauxtox

So do they work?!  gloss48’s Jill K is a big fan, but don’t just take our word for it:

Where have you been my whole life?

“…really that’s all I can say. I am a mom of 4 and I have what my kids call my “angry face”. It started out as a funny joke, when I would have a rough night with the baby, or wasn’t able to get enough sleep. More recently it seems like the joke has become my every day face. I have deep lines between my eyebrows and I thought short of Botox, I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it. I was seriously considering Botox b/c I don’t want to look like Angry mom all the time….I am thrilled to say, I could not be more please with the results. My DEEP lines are no more, much softer and no more angry mom. Botox might be in my future, but not for many many years to come.” – Colleen from Elkins Park, PA

Wish I found these a few years ago!

“These little strips are just what the doctor ordered! 🙂 After one night, I saw a difference. I find keeping them on into the morning (when I use my laptop) also helped. Not only did they smooth out the skin and prevent me from furrowing while I wore them, but they are retraining my brow muscles by keeping them from furrowing and making me more aware when they do…About a week of using the strips, my brow creases have disappeared-which blows my mind because I’ve been developing those lines for at least 4 years.” – J. Baldwin

I am LOVING the Furlesse patches…

“SO much easier to apply and take off than Frownies, and they are much less prominent so my husband and sons don’t even tease me anymore :). For those reasons I wear them more than I wore Frownies, and I am seeing better results. Truly excellent product!! I would love to see your patches made for other areas of the face (crow’s feet).” – Megan from Maine

Got morning EYE Wrinkles? These WORK!

“First let me tell you I really am impressed with these anti-wrinkle patches. I am 39 and started getting Botox on and off about 8 yrs ago around my eyes and forehead but it wouldn’t really help my small crapey wrinkly crows feet eye area….so I took a chance on these…After using these I awake without wrinkling!” – Lisa Marie from Sunny Florida

Work great for me!

“Wear these both at night, as they are intended, and when working on the computer during the day. They are super gentle on my skin so I can wear them all day (at home—I’m lucky, I know) and it helps me from furrowing my brow as much. I have definitely noticed a difference with the wrinkle between my eyebrows—which at 28 years old was getting just a little too pronounced for my liking!” – cmints


“I’ve being trying Furlesse just for 2 days and I got to be honest, each of these two days I’ve gotten up with no lines between my eyebrows, that’s a miracle to me because I usually get up with one big crease (I suppose I have terrible dreams). But obviously during the day I get that annoying line again, but with these patches every night I make it smoother.” – customer

Happy Shopping!

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