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Concealer Crash Course | Evie Evan

August 10, 2012

Evie Evan

No one really ever taught me to do my makeup.  I picked up a little here and there from friends, but it was always a bit of the blind leading the blind.  Now I feel like I’m too old to ask for help with the basics – which is why I love it when beauty experts break it down for me!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Ivonne Ruggles created her smart, healthy line of cosmetics and skincare, Evie Evan, after years of struggling with a blemish on her cheek, which later turned out to be cancerous and had to be removed. Through the years, she has become a concealer connoisseur with unwavering standards for healthy, natural formulations.

Ivonne Post-Op

Ivonne Post-Op

The Best of Evie Evan cosmetics + skincare are on sale for 40% off at gloss48 starting Friday August 10 at 11am ET / 8am PT.

In this video, produced for gloss48, Ivonne takes us through choosing the right concealer, basic application for under eyes and blemishes, and advanced application for bruises (which also works for tattoos!).

If you’re not much of a video watcher, I also created a quick, written reference below.

Click here to watch the Evie Evan Concealer Crash Course if it is not loading above.

Key Takeaways from the Evie Evan Concealer Crash Course:

1. Find a concealer that is close to your skintone, but slightly lighter.  The lighter tone will help cover redness and brighten your skin.  Don’t stress about choosing the exact match for your skintone.  If you are using foundation over your concealer, it will correct the color.  Evie Evan offers five concealer colors.  Unless you are dark skinned, one of the five should work for you.

Evie Evan Cleen Mineral Concealer Colors

Evie Evan Cleen Mineral Concealer Colors

2.  Use a brush to apply concealer under eyes.  Avoid pulling the skin with the brush because it’s sensitive and, over time, you will develop wrinkles.

3.  Use the warmth of your finger to further blend the concealer with light, patting motions.

4.  Apply concealer before you apply your foundation for areas that need extra coverage.

5.  Stipple or pat foundation over areas with concealer so that you don’t mess up your hard work!

6.  Repeat these concealer and foundation layers for hard-to-cover areas like bruises and tattoos.

7.  Set your concealer and foundation layers with powder by gently patting with a brush.

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