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Concealed Weapon | Evie Evan Cosmetics

August 8, 2012

Before | After Concealer Collage

Who doesn’t love a good before and after montage?!  It’s amazing how a good, properly-applied concealer can change your whole look!

Ivonne Ruggles created her smart, healthy line of cosmetics and skincare, Evie Evan, after years of struggling with a blemish on her cheek, which later turned out to be cancerous and had to be removed. Through the years, she has become a concealer connoisseur with unwavering standards for healthy, natural formulations.

Healthy, Safe Cosmetics and Skincare | Evie Evan

I love this line because I have incredibly sensitive and uneven skin – lucky me!  I appreciate Ivonne’s intelligent and personal approach to formulating healthy, safe products – followed by years of tweaking and redevelopment to maximize their effectiveness.

Check out the Evie Evan sale at starting Friday, August 10 – the “best of” Evie Evan curated by Ivonne herself!

This week, Ivonne will be showing us how to choose the right concealer color for your skintone and how to apply it for the best results.  Today, she answers the current conundrum – concealer or foundation?  Which one goes first?

Evie Evan

I have been asked this question many times and the answer is … ‘it depends’. It is best to apply concealer first when there is a large area or a problem area that requires color correction or more product and you want to layer for maximum coverage. After you conceal all problem areas, you can follow up with an all over application of foundation, giving you a more even color/tone. I prefer this method because it is rare that both the concealer and the foundation are the exact shade. (Note: Sometimes it is hard to put on foundation over the concealer and not remove the concealer. For this you have to lightly pat on the foundation over the concealer.) The advantage to applying concealer after is that it gives you the ability to see what the foundation covered and if there is nothing left to cover, why use it. This all depends on the coverage of your foundation, but is a good method to use if there are very little problem areas to begin with. As a third alternative and what I do when I am in a hurry is dab on a bit of concealer on your problem areas and go.  The concealer needs to be a close match to skin color so it does not stand out.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. But changing it up on occasion doesn’t hurt either. Be sure and always make your makeup routine your own. Because like I always say “When you look good, you feel good” and people will take notice Stay Smart, Healthy, and Looking Good.



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