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Get This Look | Summer Glow (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Secret)

August 6, 2012

Summer Glow

I will never be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.  I have embraced this fact.  I like food – particularly the occasional dose of cheddar fries or an equally mind blowing Midwest creation.  I have also learned that a little bronzed glow goes a long way in terms of accentuating muscle tone or de-accentuating my lack thereof.  Even my 8-month preggo belly looks better with a summer shimmer!

I’m crazy about Lucy B’s frangipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil.  It is the perfect hint of bronzed goddessness without being glittery – because, really, when does your tan actually sparkle?!  While it is a body oil, it goes on light and is surprising non-greasy!  Plus, the light, frangipani (AKA Plumeria) scent is beautifully fresh and tropical without being to perfume-y.

Lucy B Bronzing Shimmer Oil, lip gloss, and fragrance are on sale at gloss48 starting Wednesday, August 8th 11am ET / 8am PT.

Word on the street is that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit crew gets their glow from Lucy B’s Bronzing Shimmer Oil (and you thought that was just a catchy title!):

Sports Illustrated Lucy B Bronzing Shimmer Oil

Check out our video demo below for to see Lucy B’s Bronzing Shimmer Oil in action:

gloss48’s Jill K Demo’s Lucy B Bronzing Shimmer Oil

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