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Beauty Rockstars | Interview with Iris Moreau

July 23, 2012
Iris Moreau Makeup

Iris Moreau Makeup for Zink Magazine

We first heard about Iris Moreau Beauty from her super devoted, client fan base.  We love a product with a local, cult following so we had to see it for ourselves!  I love this serum because, in addition to a light, fresh rose scent (somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Toner), the serum left my skin dewy without being filmy or greasy.

Iris Moreau | Precious Rose Serum

Iris Moreau | Precious Rose Serum

Iris Moreau Precious Rose Serum is on sale at starting Wednesday July 25, 11am ET / 8am PT.

Iris spent years as a model and ballet dancer before becoming a celeb makeup artist.  She has seen it all and understands what makes/breaks women’s skincare.  She crafts her serum in small, handmade batches, combining pure essential oil of Rose Damescana with bioactive essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, omegas, and natural peptides to seal in moisture, stimulate collagen growth, and fight free radicals to help prevent signs of aging. Plus, the serum is 100% organic and cruelty free.  What’s not to love!

We caught up with Iris to pick her brain about the beauty biz and her new beauty line.  She’s an incredibly talented makeup artist, passionate skincare expert, inspiring entrepreneur, and a really nice person!

Iris Moreau | Founder + Celeb Makeup Artist + Former Model

Iris Moreau | Founder + Celeb Makeup Artist + Former Model

Q. You have been a celeb makeup artist for years, what made you choose to start your beauty line with an anti-aging serum?

I’ve always loved the healing properties of Rose oil and I knew that when I started my own line, I wanted to incorporate that into my products.  I chose to start with one really good product that targeted a specific need; dry, damaged, dehydrated skin. Precious Rose Serum is actually two products in one; not just a fabulous moisturizer, it’s also an excellent makeup primer. I always begin by massaging Precious Rose Serum onto my clients faces before applying makeup. It sets the makeup on the skin beautifully and gives the skin a gorgeous luminous glow.

Q.  We know your Precious Rose Serum has a cult following in California.  What is the most common feedback you hear about it?

People are constantly commenting on how much softer and smoother their skin feels and looks after using my serum and how much they love the fresh rose smell. I also hear quite often that people have used it on all kinds of rashes and skin irritations, including excema with excellent results!

Q.  Can you tell us which celebs use your line?

I’ve used my Precious Rose Serum on Eva Longoria, Natasha Bedingfield, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Odette Annabelle, Stacey Keibler, IlleanaDouglas, and Nancy Travis  to name a few.

Q.  What is the one piece of advice you have for women about skincare in general?

I can’t stress how important it is to keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying  sunscreen daily. My serum is designed to be worn alone or under sunblock and all the ingredients work together to heal and repair dry, damaged skin.

Q.  Do you have any advice for women hoping to start their own beauty line?

If I had any advise to give it would be to start with one really good product and grow from there.

Q.  What’s next for Iris Moreau Beauty?

We’ll see; I’ve got a few great ideas in mind all with Rose oil as the base of course!

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  1. micaela loungway permalink
    July 31, 2012 8:04 pm

    I really love the Precious Rose Serum.It feels delightful and the fragrance is divine.Micaela Loungway

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