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Beauty Finds | Me! Bath

July 16, 2012
Me! Bath | O Magazine

Me! Bath Featured in “O Magazine”

My husband and I took a last minute babymoon to Puerto Rico.  Yes, babymoon – also known as baby bachelorette –  a last hurrah before baby arrives. I highly recommend it!  But I digress…

We stayed in a fancypants hotel that had a lovely spa.  Of course, I had to take the opportunity to check out their product selection!  I instantly gravitated to a wall of colorful, ice cream scoops that turned out to be fabulous bath bombs from Me! Bath.  I snapped up a few for myself (standard) and a few more for thank-you gifts (I seem to be doing a lot of that these days!).

Me! Bath is on sale at starting Wednesday July 18th at 11am ET / 8am PT.

I am a huge fan of the “Love, ME!” Bath Ice Cream (juicy peach, mango, strawberry and mandarin, succulant apple blossom, tamarind, and coconut milk blended with smooth chords of vanilla, precious woods and musk) or the Mini Bath Ice Cream sets for gifts.  They also feature a Birthday Cake scent that costs about the same as a birthday card, but delivers so much more!

Love, ME! Bath Ice Cream

These bath bombs are not just a pretty face.  According to Me!, they are handcrafted with a 6 oil blend, purifying minerals, and salts. Founders Lisa and Ben Nissanoff started the line in 2002 because, according to Lisa “I love taking baths at home but I was getting tired of the same routine every night. I envisioned a decadent bath and body line that could transform a mundane bath at home into a lavish spa-like experience.”

I only used a small portion of my Bath Ice Cream and it made for a luxurious bath!  I am saving the rest for a post-baby, rainy day!

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